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Monostego or Monomimus?

Hi Guys, I’m a level 13 trying to make my way up and I’ve come to a crossroads. I’ve now got Mono up to level 15 and I’m wondering which direction I should take… Monostego or Monomimus?

Opinions on both? Which would you go for? All opinions and info is welcomed. Thank you.

While Monostego isn’t what it used to be, I still believe it is way better than Monomimus.

It has a very good swap in move, SI stunning strike, which deals X1 armor piercing damage with a chance to stun. It also has great utility with slow, stun, and distract, with the ability to heal and sponge damage with dig in, which also cleanses the bind.

Monomimus is better than it was before, but still not that good. stats still not too great, moveset is average at best, and 127 speed REALLY hurts it.

So yeah, my vote is for monostego.


It really all depends on your play style. monosteggo is better than monominimus, but, monomin makes pterovexus eventually which just go moved into high apex tier with monosteg.


Okay, thank you. I did see that Monostego is still considered high alpha while Monomimus is high alpha.

My current playing style would probably include Monostego more. I already use Stegocerotops and Edmonto, so she would play nicely with my other swap-ins.

I just wasnt sure if Monomimus was on the same playing field as Yoshi (Christmas Chicken).

Here is my current team. I’m FTP but I play everyday.

Dont overload your team with the swap ins. They dont do enough damage to field 2 or 3 of them, diversity is important

Yeah, I thought about swapping in Monosteg for Sino if I went for Monosteg.

So looking at the skill set, Monosteg is basically the same as Stego except Mono has GSI instead of GSS.

Monomimus is basically Yoshi except its more nullifying instead of distracting.

I’m still not sure who I should build first.

Monostego. Just don’t level mimus past 20 as you’re gonna need its DNA for vexus at some point.

Wrathomimus is like 3× more powerful too.

Monomimus rules!

Procerathomimus druels!

(Monomimus is amazing, it’s still awesome and honestly is great. It wil, never leave my team)

The correct answer would be the one that gets you vexus.

Chances are both of these guys will get benched eventually in favor of stronger end game dinos… so getting some value with a component dino like monomimus would be better.

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Monostegotops by a country mile!

Yoshi is way better than Monomimus and since Monomimus is a component for a half decent unique it has to be Monostegotops

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Yeah but if your putting your mono dna into monostego your not gonna be making to much progress on the unique.

That’s true Eviction, and I have Monostegotops at level 26 and I’m nowhere near getting the unique!

Yeah ive pretty much given up on the whole line because whatever one i start leveling up i end up with a nerfed dino… wish i had spent my mono dna elsewhere.

Vexus seems to be the safe bet for now… seems like every patch their nerfing… buffing… reworking something on this line.

Really seems to be a 50/50 split here.

Is Monostego really much better than Stegocero? I have Stegocero so if Monostego isn’t much better, then I should probably throw the DNA at Monomimus and start planning for Vexus.

Or I could be totally wrong and not know what I’m doing, which is very possible. :man_shrugging:

Monostego is definitely better the stegocera but this ultimately comes down to you. Everyone has there own style and some dinos just don’t work for some people. I have Monostego at 28 and Vex at 22, I see monos pretty often so you can take a slower road and do both. If Monostego gets a slight rework or damage buff it will be fantastic one could blame you for going either way

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