Monostego or Monomimus

Obviously we all know Monolo DNA is hard to find. Right now My stego is at lvl 20, mimus is at 19. Yes I like the dodge but it is such a gamble. The Stego with its armor is where I am leaning toward sinking my resources into. Am I crazy for not leveling Mimus right away?

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Monomimus is considered one of the best dinos in the game right now, but with the uncertainty of what’s yet to come with the coming update, like if Mimus gets a hybrid or not, is what inspired me to get my Monostego boosted up, plus Stego’s supposed to be a decent counter against Mimus. My Stego’s almost lvl 27 and I’m content with its progress

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Im a big defender of Monostego but Mimus is just better.

For now, may change

I like Monostego more, but it needs to be leveled up to be effective. To survive 2 hits from lvl 20 Indominus, Monostego needs to be at least lvl 21.
Monomimus is better though in most cases.

I would wait till next update. In case they nerf Superiority strike we will see Monomimus meta.

Don’t spend on either until the update.

Have monostegotops at 26 and dont know what dino to counter whit him, monomimus at 3 lvl less win him and indoraptors nowadays are near 30 for everebody in top 100, so i cant swap him because hes being 2 shoted, cant counter stegod, utharinex, dilonacheirus or another top dino, i only have him in my team cause his level and because dont have anything better xd

Monostego is good against Indoraptor, Monomimus and Indominus(if can survive two hits). For other Uniques except Indo, can’t say, cause in low to middle Ruins I see them rarely.