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Monostego or monominus?


Which one is better at the moment to work towards?


I’d say take Monomimus to 20 if you can since it could get a hybrid at some point, but focus on Monostego


I prefer Monostego. Thing is, now that Stegosaurus is Park only, it’s hard to get DNA for Stegocera and Monostego… not to mention that Triceratops is also way harder to find now

Meanwhile they are practically giving away Gallimimus DNA… It almost seems like a bad joke, now that Mimus got super nerfed…


I’d love to trade my Monomin back in for Monosteg. Monosteg would actually guarantee me victory over the Indoraptor event.


Monostego is currently better, but if Monomimus dodges few times, can still solo whole team.