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Monostego: Should i improve or withdraw?πŸ€”

Is it a good idea to improve Monostegotops? Or is it time for her to leave my team? Any suggestions?All suggestions will be welcome!:wink:

If it should be removed, which creature with swap would be good to use? (i really need more creatures with Swap):sweat_smile:

  • Monostego must leave
  • Monostego must stay

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Thanks for your attention!:smiley:

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To me he is not an end-game dino anymore, but he still gives lots of trouble. I face level 29 to 30 boosted monostego around 5800 trophies and against some opponents he really shines. Like my level 29 boosted Smilonemys can’t even kill him.


Put Utahsinoraptor On Your Team! >:D evil laugh


Ok in all serious, it depends who your place it with. If you want a counter to the best Dino ever, create Tragodistis or stegodeus. Their great and a tank is never a bad idea.


I think i’m starting to like Utasino … Since an Alloraptor killed my Allosino, which was 3 levels below …

And today my Thylacotator killed 2 Utasino easily!

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Is not a bad idea!:wink:

Why not put in your I-rex?

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I still use my monostego, and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future.


I use her DNA to improve Indoraptor and because i need more Creatures with Swap



Monostego is great , usually kills other tanks as stegodeus , trago, diora and even Tryko if you do it right. At this point I prefer seeing him in my 4 team than thora or even indo gen 2 .


Monostego is an absolute beast. I’d def stick with her.


Loved Vlad back when he was booty.
Loved him more as a Tyrant.
Still love him as he is now.


Yep. I just got mine to 30 as well and it’s a key player on the team.


Can you tell me how that might play out? I have mono and can easily get it to the team level. Just not sure how to use it effectively. I would appreciate knowing how to best use him. I kind of need something more tanky on the team.

Well the best for tryko or diora is using his swap in stunning strike , even if the stunt doesn’t land it will hit the first 1000 health points, if it does well , you force them to use distraction or shield most of the time so they can only counter attack, even if you don’t cause damage with your second hit you have the option of stunt them again which is 75% chance this time or use the basic distraction wich will reduce the damage of next hit to 50%, Monostego is maybe one of the most dificult dinos to read , so the rival may waste an anticipation move and you just can dig in, recover some health or switch manually to another dino and start over again, specially if you remove him after stunt, if you can predict they will use distraction you can switch to a inmune dino and finish them or hit them hard and then bring back monostego, I think I have used him up to 4 times in a single battle. Just be patient and don’t try to finish the battle before time, some times two distraction hits in a row give you the chance to save your monostego until the cool down moves are ready to use again.

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Thanks @Cronista. I keep forgetting that you can dig in and redo the swap in. Might be time to finally level that beast up for me!

Monostegotops must stay. If anything, level her up to level 21. There were a ton of rounds I would’ve lost if it wasn’t for Monostegotops.

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I have fight myself some monostegotops and i can definitely say is kinda a pain to kill him. So i would say keep him for tge time being.

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