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Monostegoceratops back in containment?


Sorry for sounding dumb, but I am a bit confused by the recent news?
Does this mean Monostegoceratops is going to be taken away, or we won’t be able to earn S-DNA to create it? And if so, when do you think we’ll be able to start creating it again?
Tbh though, I’ve already just got one, and it’s already a powerful hybrid at level 10.

[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #26

Not a dumb question at all, the news feed blurb is not very clear. I had to go back in and read it I missed it this morning when I logged into the game. Thank you for posting.

I am wondering if that is why this was available today?


I think I might know what could be happening, but it’s just pure guessing.

So, if you look at your S-DNA, there’s four separate slots, with two empty ones. I think what’s happening, is when Monostegoceratops DNA goes, we’ll be shown a new SuperHybrid, that we can collect instead. So it could work on a rotation slot.

In short, I think Monostegoceratops going for a bit, means a new SuperHybrid is going to be revealed.

As for Velociraptor S-DNA, I think that’s going to stay. Sense we can still earn it through Code 19


I’m also confused by the news article…

My interpretation is that you won’t be able to create or incubate a Monostegotops after the deadline, which seems a bit unfair as we’ve barely had a chance to get it to level 20!

Ludia, could you please clarify the situation for us… thanks!

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Just re-reading the announcement and I revise my original guess - sounds like you’ll be fine if you’ve already created a Monostegotops but if you have yet to create one, then you may not be able to in 6 days time…

Still, an update from Ludia should clear this up…


Hey everyone, you’ll still be able to fuse the Super Hybrid Monostegotops, but you won’t be able to obtain Monolophosaurus DNA from the Daily Missions after the time passes. I hope that cleared things up!


Thank you for the clarification, @Ned.

Bummer to lose this opportunity to get Monolophosaurus DNA. I reckon there will still be other ways to get it.

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Hi Ned, thanks for the response… clears things up in the short term.

As Hans says, I wonder if there will be other ways to collect Monolophosaurus S-DNA, perhaps the trade harbour? Would be weird if it was permanently retired as I can’t believe many have obtained a level 30 or 40 Monostegotops? Those of us who don’t hack of course :metal:

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Check out the thread under News entitled S-DNA rotation. They will indeed give us ways to earn Monolophosaurus and other S-DNA.

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Thanks chap, seen that now so that is positive news! :+1:

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