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Monostegotop questions


So I have ran into two players so far that have the new super hybrid Monostegotop that has had the super DNA required to create it only available for 1-2 weeks now. Monostegotop which cost 2000 SDNA to create, from what I have seen and completed there has only been about 200-250 in Daily DNA quests for this type of SDNA so how is it that there are already players with this super hybrid? How would they have been able to acquire 2000 SDNA for this creation? I am trying to figure out if I am missing something important in game on a way to acquire the SDNA.


JW the Game does not have multiplayer… All battles are against bots. The game uses avatars from Facebook and “tournaments” to simulate it, but it’s always a bot you will face. I think they do this to make it easier, the game would be too hard to win otherwise.

JW Alive on the other hand, does have multiplayer, and is designed in a way that losing does not matter. You still make progress. I also find it a lot more fun. I actually quit the game for alive.


Why do they call it PVP if it isn’t really player vs player?


Mitthunder: how do you know this info? I’ve fought many “PvP” battles, and it’s clear some of them are bots (e.g., the computer almost always leaves one point in reverse or block), but sometimes the behavior is pretty unpredictable, which would indicate a live human being. I don’t mean to doubt you; I just want to know the basis for your claim. Thanks!


I’ve played it for years. It becomes obvious. For one, the ‘opponent’ will always respond on time, never in the last seconds. If it takes longer, the bot misses a turn.
For two, it can play new dinosaurs that have been released the same day. It even plays the new dinosaur inside its own tournament you need to achieve dominator league to unlock. Three, while the bot is predictable, there are variants to its style. We know the bot is pretty good but can learn its behavior. For example, if you need 3 wins in an event to unlock an aquatic dinosaur, the last battle to win is very different from the first two. The NPC reserves a lot more, something a real player would do to ensure a win by thinking ahead.


Thank you. Maybe if I keep playing for years (only been at it about six months), I’ll start seeing patterns beyond the ones I’ve noticed (that the computer often reserves one point for either block or attack). I’ll try to keep looking; it would be helpful to know I’m going up against the same AI every time, and thus its behavior can be predicted.

I quite enjoy the “PvP” experience, and win about 70% of the time, but I don’t play it except in tournaments and when I have to for daily missions. Even when I win, the rewards are rarely worth it. I trade in the 5-dino-buck entry fee to win 8000 food? No, thanks.

EDIT: I still think some of the PvP matches are live human being matches. Today I went up against a team consisting of a level 40 spinoraptor and two level 6 rare dinos. Bots don’t game the system like that by putting in one super-high level dino and two low-levels in order to get easier matchmaking.


Ever since this discussion I have started treating the “PVP” and tournament matches like bots and I have to agree with @Mitthunder that it is very clear that these are bots. Do folks max out their dinosaur level? I almost have no dinosaurs not at 10, 20, 30, or 40 where all of the matches are dinosaurs not at an even level. Not sure if this is just the way I play or if others also level their dinosaurs to the max as they level?


The tournaments used to be a lot harder. They did not add one or two much less powerful dinosaurs before, it always used to be 3 pretty much equally dinos that are powerful based on your ranking in the tournament.

Sometime ago they changed it and made it so where even in the dominator league you can now get a battle against 3 weak dinosaurs. You can also get 3 dinos that are much more powerful or a mix; I. E. 1 or 2 epics/weaker dinos.


Food is not that big an issue so yes, most players would max out their dino, and bots very often have random levels!

Also take in account the response time when battling. Real opponents can think and make a move in the last few seconds, but bots always make a move when the counter is the same, and when it takes longer, they miss the turn. They will also never miss a turn twice in a row.


this is not multiplayer this is just pvp!!!


This game is actually just PvE, with The PvP portion made to look like it is PvP. The difference between the PvE and PvP matchups is that for PvE it can be any level of creature including ones that are impossible for you to get in game for example a level 345 creature where you can only get a level 40 of that creature. PvP battles will look like it is PvP there will be a picture of someone and the creatures will be actually attainable, however you are actually playing against the PC.


You don’t know what you’re saying, do you?