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Monostegotops buff?


It seems as though that Monomimus, Magnapyritor, & even Tanycolagreus are the top dogs are far as Nullifying dinosaurs go…so where does that put Monostegotops? Simple solution I’d suggest to help make Monostegotops a viable contender between these options is swap Stunning Impact for Greater Stunning Impact, doing the same damage but upping its chance to stun from 33% to 75%. Seeing that it’s lineage comes from the great stun god that is Stegoceratops, why not give it’s supreme form a hard hitting stun?


While I agree Monostegotops needs a buff, I think a simple distracting move would make it heaps better. Distracting impact instead of a second nullifying move.


And that was the Monostego before ver.1.3 update.:joy:


Honestly, just even increasing her health will make a huge difference.

Or increase her damage output, which at the moment is lower than Stegoceratop of equivalent level


A distracting move would be helpful, I do agree. Just something. Feels depressing looking at what appears this fiercesome beast be put on the lower rung


Monostego’s kit just feel’s incredibly limited. You get 1 slow, a small chance to stun, and then you just hit & hit until death (if you get to the hit & hit phase, that is).


Why did they change that?!?