Monostegotops, bugs, and other dinosaurs,Write in this post the bugs that you find


Hi guys, I’m going to talk about the monostegotops and about the game itself … you will see not only the monostegotops but other dinos, the game after the update have too much bugs in the total sense, you will see the I-REX when you get critical does less damage than normal damage without critical BUG, ​​the battles are bugged and honestly this nice thing is all about the new update but for cell phones with an average range like mine it is difficult to keep playing should implement an option that decreases the graphics because I am one of those players who play a lot but have a cell phone trash if you could say it that way, I would like a new update to be released, hopefully soon, implement the option in configuration to lower performance to achieve a higher fps increase, another data the dinos are some good and others wrong, I explain the monostegotops is a strong dino, but since they replaced the skill is no longer my smo, IT’S BETTER! but there is a problem I do not find the sense that it has 2 neutralizing hits, the first hit should be the superiority or the hit 20% stun. I also want to talk about koolasuchus, in my opinion a creature very much wasted along with other epic dinos, I say this because I realized that he has been a bit more alive but the damage has been removed -100 damage and now does damage to level 16, the level of my koolasuchus, does up to 300 damage to armored dinosaurs by 40% which makes it a creature not very skillful, because add more life? Is it a tank? Does it have shielding that protects it? or in case you have more chance critics ?, in my opinion they should either raise the% critical or at least add a 10% shield as it will resist and make their attacks more efficient, since they are recharged in 2-4 turns respectively, or good if you see it necessary to add another attack … because koolasuchus really need
There are a lot of bugs to repair, and I hope it will be soon, otherwise people will get tired