Monostegotops' crit

Is it really only 20%?

Theoretically on a good day, yes.

For me most of the time it’s a big fat goose egg. :joy:

are any opponents crits only what the game says they are? my dinos rarely ever crit but i get crit against so hard.

There’s a fair bit of luck involved with RNG

My Monostegotop has never crit in an arena battle, same with my Allosinosaurus.

I still keep the faith that someday they will, it’s just a matter of chance

Allosinosaurus never crits for me. I took it off my team cause it dies much more than it kills

It’s the one stat among all dinos that stands out repeatedly when Im battling - I seem to get crit by MST far more than 1 in 5 on a consistent basis.

My mono crits but usually when I would’ve killed the Dino anyway. Oh the dinosaur is low health let’s Crit for good measure.

Ive noticed if it crits once, it crits twice.