Monostegotops in 1.8

In the release notes, the Nullifying Strike of Monostegotops will be changed to Distraction. I don’t know it is good or not before trying her out when 1.8 is launched. Don’t all Distracting moves have cooldowns? How can distraction be the basic move of Monostegotops? Do I miss something?

Its a new move, that had been released in another patch but no creatures got it until now.

It has no delay and no cooldown… it distracts -50% damage for only 1 turn.



With the damage and hp buff monostego will be even better. Dk why ludia won’t just admit that it’s a unique. A lot of the matchups that were close before vs. monostego. Won’t be now. Could be pushing close to tyrant status


Oh…I really miss this.
Then if Monostego is the slower one and get set up, Stun > Slow > Distract/Nullify is a good combo.
I read from the notes that there is one more dino with this move, but I have forgotten what it is.

Usually it will probably be slow > stun > distract… I would assume, but thats given the stun works lol it is gonna be VERY strong forsure :star_struck:

Yes, it really is a unique to me. It helps me beat fast dinos like Dilorach, Erlidom, Utarinex, Indor, tanks like Stegod and Giga. Having a new move, I need to think how to go with it.
Another unique-like legendary is Utasino, but it will get a nerf in 1.8.

I guess the thing holding it back from tyrant is it has no rampage move, tho that may make it too op I guess. 3 impact moves is still pretty decent.

Yeah with a moveset with a distraction, Slow, Null and Stun its a jack of all trades, and good armour and health! I would completely support it being a unique instead of Super hybrid legendary.

And with Mono being so rare its not exact easy to level either!

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The added attack makes it kill erlido with ease. No way for it to lose the matchup now as long as you NI turn 1


It has 3 impact moves, you can almost always have one to use while the others are in cooldown.

I agree. Even I live in L3, I rarely see a Monolo spawning. I could find 2 Erliko but no Monolo before Erliko moved to L1.

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I’d still take the monomimus matchup on Monostego

Which added attack? The distraction? How does that make any difference from the current nullifying strike?

It’s Blue

The added attack. Changed to 1350. So the matchups that were close before are not anymore. No need for luck. And with the changes to evasive/cloak. Turn one monostego does 2025 to erlido. Then turn 2 999 if it cloaks. Either way. Erlido cloak turn 1 or 2 it will die


Ah yes I was thinking of the attack change rather than the attack damage change. Makes sense now.

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I think what will make Mono better is that on top of its higher damage it gets a total package toolkit. Being able to nullify, stun, slow and distract it will have a way to try and counter almost every dinosaur, move set is very important.

Very true. Mines only lvl 18 though, wish it was higher.

Mine is 21 but no Mono for more leveling yet. But we can always boost to bridge that level gap until we can level it naturally.

Yeah and depending on how much dna sanctuaries give that may help on the Mono side of things.

My Monosteg has been 10 dna shy of level 27 for almost two months. I just can’t find epic mono anymore. I used to see them all the time.