Monostegotops move sets


So i have one big question
Why doesnt monostegotops have distracting impact but has nullifying impact? Would it make it op or something. I mean the dino is a tier 2 dino that is a hybrid of a tier 1 dino. It could use some love. And seriously. One of its hybrid materials is monolophosaurus. That dino is nothing but attack debuff so why doesnt monostegotops have it


He has two nullifying strikes because one has a cooldown! That makes him twice as awesome! Duh! He’s overpowered anyway.


Overpowered? How did you work that out?


Hes a legendary how is it fair to say that? They should be boss! No rare or common shouod scratch them


He is worse than good old stegoceratops. There are absolutely no reason to create it wasting stegoceratops dna. Dont get me wrong he is strong but worse than stegoceratops any way. You are better off evolving stegoceratops than creating monostegotops. If it had distracting rampage instead that i believe would change things. It would be a jack of all trades type dino and would see more play while not being op


I actually believe distracting impact would make it better. And that is my point. He must be better and 2 nullifying attacks dont go on the same dino. Especially when one is a basic attack


Haahahahaha… Sorry… Wait… Haahahahaha… Monostego is much better the stegocerotops. He is much faster, higher attack and HP and clears cloaks and evasions. So many people are talking like stegocerotops is this beast and I rarely struggling with them. Stun spam is annoying but… Well… learn to defeat it.



feel like that list needs to swap erlidominus, megalosuchus and monostegotops for diorajasaur, tragodistis and ankyntrosaurus.


I find those metahub “rankings” to be a matter of opinion.


I have to agree. Ghe issue with posting that list is that it is opinion based and subjective. I see plenty of stegocerotops and theyre good and can get lucky stuns but they hardly ever are the deciding factor in a game.


Monosetegops only is worst in low arenas, where nobody have indoraptors, elridominus, dinos whit instant invincibility or shields etc i atm focusing on leveling mono instead stegoceratops and thinking on replacing stegoceratops in near future cause in top tiers battles everybody have 3,4 inmune dinos or op tanks, so you dont kill nobody even stuning all attacks whit stegoceratops


It is interestong that very few playerd in top 500 use stegoceratops. Most dinos destroy it with all their immunity or strong attacks


There is no saying it is bad by any means. Stegoceratops is ranked higher because usability. Monostegotops is great against buffer or evasive dinos but stego is better against dinos that doesnt need nullifying. If a dino is not immune stego works on them. Also monostegotops would be better overall if it had distracting impact instead of nullifying because against the dinos that need nullifying, moni has nullifying strike already but distracting would really help him against non nullifyable dinos (by which i mean no buffs or evasion)


Atm i prefer nulifiyng because a lot of dinos have superior strike, and thise dinos have shields, nulifiyng can remove it. And i suspect ludia will nerf stegoceratops in any way, they dont let epics being better than legendaries counterpart at the end, like they did whit pyroraptor and another dinos like nodopatosaurus and gigas for example too


Kinda agree,
Suchotater is above lots of other creatures and I kinda think suchotater is not that good


Stegoceratops is very strong in lower arenas as people don’t have the counters for it, and go absolutely bananas over “RNG” not being fair. Monostego is a lot better in higher arenas and has far more uses.


Edit: yes i have to agree nullifying is strong and monostegotops is better in most cases. But i still want him to have distracting impact since monolophosaurus is nothing but distraction. Even maybe in place of stunning impact but if it were in place of nullifying impact the dino would literally be doing everything


I kill every stegoceratops I face with my monostegatops apart from when I’m stunlocked by minimal stunning strike.