Monostegotops or Diloranosaurus?


With these week’s Special Event going on, I am torn between going for Monolophosaurus (for hybrid Monostegotops) or for Ouranosauros (for Diloranosaurus). To be able to create the hybrid, I need to go for either of the two for all 9 attempts.

I was originally thinking of Monostegotops because of it’s Nullifying impact/strike which can be critical to counter Indominus Rex and other positive effects. It also has the slowing impact (good for a tank) and decent stunning impact with 1.5x damage. Now, Diloranosaurus also looks tempting with it’s Greater stunning rampage and other moves.

Which one would you recommend in the new 1.2 meta? Why?


Both Seem decent! Monostegotops counters some dinos very Well. :grin: have not encountered The other one yet


Been trying to decide all day. I was set on monosteg but I was buzzed yesterday and accidentally leveled my stegoceratops so I don’t have much dna for her now; and dilos have been thick in my neighborhood.


Diloranosaurus is an apex top tier and is an absolute beast in battle.


How do you know the stats of the dinosaur before making it? I would love to know the stats before investing the time and energy in order to prioritize which would actually work best for my play style.

All I see is the name and description with no stats until you create it.


Metahub dinodex…


Dilphosaurus used to be common in my neighborhood before the 1.3 patch and I used to ignore them due to their lack of hybrid and chicken look :expressionless:
Now with the new hybrid, I regret not collecting Dilopho DNA.

With the new Meta being Tank OP, this dinosaur seems good with health, speed and attack variations, including the ability to hit & run (maybe be a good strategy when health is low).


Straight from metahub :grin:


Yes, I was decided on Monostegotops based on my recent battle encounters until I read today’s Metahub article, which made me rethink.

Caleb: I know you love your Gorgosuchus! :smiley: Do you prefer it over the Megalosuchus? Metahub lists Gorgosuchus lower than Megalosuchus.


Went for mono mainly since my orano is only lv13 and my mono was already at 15. It’s been a beast since I got it I haven’t lost.


Megalosuchus for sure!! This girl with her shield and counter can survive a nice beating in battle. Not to mention swapping techniques for counters aswell, she will smack hit and runners. Dillies, Oranos, Erliks, Stiggies better watch it. Gorgosuchus (mid speed power dino) is a nice tank killer but in arena 8, her health is way too low. Lots of dinos can get that first hit into her, and finish her off before she gets a chance to use defense shattering rampage. Although for arenas 1-7, she will do you wonders, she has been my og and first hybrid since the beginning.

Working on the monostegotops aswell. I really need a strong tier dino that can nullify any cloak or evasive stance. Indoraptor seems to be the most challenging dinosaur to defeat at the moment.


Similar situation for me, but with my Dilophosaurus lagging badly. Not being in Local 1, I feel it would be long time before I can collect enough 200 times Dilopho DNAs for the fusion.
I hardly see any rare Dilophos around my area post 1.3 update!


So went all in for the dilo hybrid without realizing every fuse is 200 dilo DNA (my bad). She better be worth it Caleb!


My Ouranosaurus, who was pretty common back in time, was already LV 15 + 600 DNA saved up. So I did not need more to create Dilorano.

That’s why I have used all 9x Monolopho and got a good piece of Monostego.


Diloranosaurus is my favorite legendary to use in the arena now :smile: Trust me, definitely worth every DNA dillie point.


Not being in Local 1, I find it very difficult to find Dilophosaurus post the 1.3 update.
Calculating the estimated time required to collect Dilo DNA, I gave up on Diloranosaurus for now and went all in for Mono. The fuse rate for Monostego was really poor for me but was able to get the MonoStego after 8th catch.


Thats the stats of diloranosaurus at lvl 18 look like pretty op in life dmg, and skill set for his lvl


Speed and atk are muy bueno