Monostegotops or monomimmus

I slowly clawed up to 50 monolophosaur dna and fused it for monostego, is that the best decision



My Monostego is lvl25 & I’ve not unlock monomimus yet.

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My Monostego is L24 but my Monomimus is still L16. No intention to give that bird any Mono epic DNA.

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Just imo, but there doesn’t seem to be any point in using or investing Monomimus.

It’s only real use was the swap in dodge, but now it doesnt have the health to survive an attack from anything that is was supossed to counter.

It’s also been nerfed like 3 - 4 times now, so that alone should tell you to stay away from it, as Ludia doesn’t want anyone to use it.

Surprised they haven’t just removed the dino all together to be honest. Then again, it’s pretty clear that Ludia is flying by the seat of their pants these days and doesnt know what they are doing. So theres that too.


Dont know abt you guys, but it’s really hard to see a wild monolophosaurus nowadays, so gotta be real careful where you invest the dna.

It’s extinct. Seeing 1 a month nowadays.
But what else to spend it on? Maybe the flyer, but that’s not great either, just nice for the collection.

Perhaps just perhaps it may become a daily mission dino in future, it cost nothing to hope right haha