Monostegotops or monomimus 2

I have a monostegatops and got some dna for the monolophosaurus but don’t know if i should wait for the gillamimus which could take months to make monomimus or just level my monostegatops now

Just go with what you have… That’s what I do…

I like the looks of the monomimus but don’t see any around bit monostegotops is a beast

Monostego is great if it’s lvled up. Great Indoraptor and Monomimus counter. For countering Indominus it must be lvl 20+ to survive 2 hits.

EDIT: If you don’t have Galimimus DNA then lvl up Monostego.

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Monomimus is pesky it doesn’t slow down it decreases your attacks the only thing you can do is nullify evasive

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I will wait until i get enough gali dna. Haha
Coz i love that pesky liltle brat.

Haha wish i could get that pesky thing but going to wax the lot on monostego then see when i get enough galli

I would say that you should take the future on mind since the Indominus and Indoraptor are quite common on higher arenas I say you should go for monostegotops

Yh good call then if i do eventualy get aload of galli dna i will then see whats cracking

If take the future on it must monomimus, if you compare this 2 dino i can assume better to get mono coz in the end game only few people use monostego, and if i make monostego i need more stegosaur and monolopho to use in 2 dino instead of 1. I think it better to focus on 1 dino. If you want monostego go leveled her as high as you can no need to get another nullifying dino. That what i think. Sorry.

Valid point mate i will just level monostego until i can fuse galli together then switch tact


Also depends on what you have as well.

I have a monostegatops level 17 but realy want a gali but don’t even have one level 15 yet