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Monostegotops or Monomimus



which of these is the bigger beast or lets say a very hard and annoying opponent?

What would you say I should start fusing (if I could lol)? :smiley:

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I went for mono, I think it’s one of the best legendary in the game at the moment, also It is amazing for strike towers events.
Normal only have to use it to complete each round.


Monomimus, you won’t regret it! It’s the most annoying creature in the game…

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Both are Monos. But I guess you mean Monomimus. :smiley:

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Haha yeah sorry

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Monomimus without a doubt. In the past, invincibility was greater than 75% of the cases. Now it has been equaled and it is a risky blow but even without invincibility is the best legendary in the game and I think better than some unic. If we put in order the best characteristics that a good dino can have in my opinion, I think that from best to worst we would all put

Evasion: and has the maximum evasion, 3 turns.
Speed: and Monomimus is almost the fastest dino in the game.
Immunity: and he is immune.
Cancellation of positive effects: two of their blows are nullifying.
Reduction of damage of the rival: it has it in one of its blows.
Anti-shield strike: he has it because the cancellation of positive effects is also shield cancellation.
Power: and has medium power (the 9 of the 18 APex of the game).
Health: He does not seem to have excessive health but his speed, immunity and ability to cancel makes many shifts survive.
Capacity of reduction of speed of the opposite. He does not need it, he is very fast and immune.

In conclusion it has everything but anti-armor blows


Monomimus :wink:


You realise they all start with “Mono” right? :rofl:

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I like both a lot. My angry chicken is prob my favorite and can be really clutch but monosteg can drop brutal crits, slow and also has nullify. If I had to focus on 1 it’d def be monomimus, which I’ll probably start doing after I finish getting the steg to 18. Angry chicken is currently at 19 which gives me a 1 level edge or at least matches 90% of mirrors that I face, but that’s quickly changing. 129 speed is also great. Faster than indo and matches pyriator depending on level.


Monomimus has been annoying. Its effective than monostegotop at many battle.:heart_eyes:

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Monomimus is very great, i have it in my team since two week’s, i won a lot of trophies thank’s to him, his immunity and speed are really good, and it have not bad attack, low hp maybe but good move set ! You can reduce attack and nullify opponent, so :slight_smile:

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Get monomimus before they seriously nerf this totally overpowered chicken and enjoy your 50% dodges being 75% It’s got superior speed, a superior moveset, it’s immune, it’s stupidly bulky when paired with a 2 turn distracting move. It’s completely imbalanced beyond belief, this thing can even take down stegodeus. Monostegotops is rubbish, much better off using a Stegotops actually.


Insert lythronax joke here


100% go for Invincibility emu, with RNG on your side (heck you don’t even need evasion most of the time) you will destroy enemy dinosaurs!

I did unlock Monosteg first but removed from my team due to its stun being really unreliable!

All things considered, go invincibility Emu all the way!

Edit: My I-Emu is level 20 now!


Ok than I‘ll save my Monolophosaurus DNA and wait for another Gallimimus event week. Only have it at lvl 11 with 800 DNA.
Long road to Monomimus.

Got enough to start fusing Monostegotops but I‘ll trust you and wait for Gallimimus. :smiley:


I agree with the above consensus—Monomimus is more effective in the arena, but Monostegotops is faster to unlock.

I’m about 3/4 of the way to unlocking Monostegotops—it’s ingredients (apart from Monolophosaurus) are pretty easy to come by for me.

However, because Gallimimus is an arena exclusive, it’s harder to obtain and level up unless you’re in the higher arena tiers. It seems like Ludia features the thing every couple weeks in the event showcase, so I really shouldn’t have any excuses for only having my Galli at level 10…but alas… :rofl::joy:

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Yes, do this, you won’t regret it (finger crossed for a nerf not to come). But, but, if you live in the right zone AND you can easilly collect Monolofosauro’s dna, you can create Monostegotopo while waiting gallimimo. Also, it depends on what arena are you in this moment and what kind of dinos you are facing.


I have monostegotops at 26 and monomimus at 23( no gallimimus dna but more than 1k mono dna xd) and i clearly prefer monomimus, even 3 lvl less if much more efective in arena.
Cant understant how a normal hybrid whit common+epic can be much more superior than a superhibrid whit 2 epics, one of they a hybrid…


It’s funny how it can be so different for two different people. I only have monomimus in 19 and Monostegotops in 16 (it was a mistake to create it and lose an evolution of monomimus). I see a Monolophosauro a week as much more something that arrives to me via incubator and, instead, I have 12247 gallimimus-free DNA (24 fusions), almost everything from incubator. I could perform two evolutions of monomimus … if I had some monolophosaurus …


i dont know man. mono is good but i think mono is better. mono is good against stego but stego deals with a mono pretty easily. mono is an indo counter tho. indo cant kill mono easily altouhgh indo can kill a mono if it dodges the impact from mono. beware anky tho anky is good againts mono with shields. dont ever level up your anky it doesnt do anything against any dino ever