Monostegotops or puraturus

In my last monolophosaur diseclusion it was concluded that monostegotops is better then monomimmus. But is monostegotops better then puraturus or another of my weaker parts of my team (but not postim)

Yes. Your team could definitely use some more HP and armor, and Monosteg can fill almost any role because of its utility moves.


I’ve just put monostego into my team. I’m finding having 3 tanks really helpful against the dracocera plague. (Even though I have one :laughing:)


I think it is safe to say Monostegotops is better than ALL dinos on your team


I love mine! I sped her up today so she’s now 5-5-5 and not leaving my team any time soon.


Monostego is more survivable and consistent but cannot give the element of surprise of Pura.

However, monostego is an end game Dino without option of a further superhybrid so you can build it up with that in mind. With Carnocactus being a thing Pura is a lvl 15 stop gap to Carnocactus…

I have Monostego at 27 is she’s a beast against most things. Very versatile and adaptable, only thing is doesn’t deal with well are immunes faster than it.

If I had Carnocactus at team lvl I would include it as well, not instead of. It is also very good but the Armour and HP of monostego, in my view, make it a better option.

Does 135 speed makes a lot of diff in terms of battling? Considering Monostego has a slowing move tor 2 turns. Mine is 128 speed, am thinking if I shld get it up to 135, but it needs 128 boosts!

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For me it’s important to make her faster then Thor, because monostego wins this fight if faster and boosted similar.

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Puru is totally an end game dino if you want him to be! There’s not much difference in moves, but I like how he looks better (and before Carnotarkus came along he was already 24 so it made sense to keep him). It’s like the Utasino v. Rinex debate - personal preference.

For OP I agree with others, Monostegotops makes the most sense - a must for any team. Plus his Puru is still low level (but I would keep leveling him… awesome dino, clearly related to my dear Indoraptor I had to bench (only until 1.9 I hope).

It only takes 32 speed boosts to get her to 135 (tier 5). Mine is 6-5-5 (it took 64 to get her HP to 6… and don’t forget that 40% armor - many rats do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

P.S. I would not replace Utasino, I Rex or Suchotator - great dinos.


Love mine too :star_struck: 6-6-4


Ah yes, thanks for the correction, must have confused that with thor going from tier 6 to 7.

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I haven’t had my Monostego in the lineup for the battles I did after boosting her speed, so I don’t know yet. I figured why not though, as it was only 32 speed boosts and it will still help out by keeping me consistently faster against dinos that are slower before I use my slowing move (and don’t have their own slowing moves of course).

Yea may come in handy if it can outspeed a fast tenontorex.

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Thanks to the new distracting move, Mono can play mind games with Tryko and come out ahead most of the time. Caveat is your Mono has to be faster… which isn’t a problem given the 3-turn slowing move.


*2-turn Slowing Move

Mine Monostego is very underleveled, but as strong as most of my other higher level creatures. It killed this high boosted TenotoScreenshot_20190715-200801


One of the most versatile Dinos in the game, Ive been singer her praises for a long time now (and itll be her birthday tomorrow)


Most Thor are boosted to 135 speed. If Monostego has the same speed, it does not outspeed Thor and Thor still acts first. If further boosted to the next tier, both Thor and Monstego again have the same speed but it costs 64 speed boosts, seems not worthy.
My Monostego is at 128 speed only. Its job when facing Thor is to slow it down and force it to use Instant Charge before my next dino comes up.


As monostego is naturally faster then Thor, you need less amount of boosts. I don’t use speed boosts on my Thor anymore, as I won’t win the race. I just speed up the fast creatures, and monostego.