Monostegotops or Utarinex

Im aware both are tyrant and really good, but after seeing this spreadsheet of matchups from Gamepress’ battle simulator, ive been debating throwing out Utarinex for Monostegotops. What do you think?

Why not keep both on your team? :smiley:


Completely different roles. I’d run both (and I do)


Remember those win loss are based on zero boosts… something you will never see in the arena
Does thor really have a 33% win rate when boosts come into play.

If you have other options of dealing with thor rinex isnt needing but its match up with thor is a good reason to keep it.

I run both and love them both. Like previously mentioned, they have totally different roles.

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Can’t say for sure but chances are that spreadsheet is with unboosted dinos, which makes it meaningless.

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The only dinos I’d see keeping rinex or Monostego out of a team atm is Dioraja and Tryko. Everything else would have to give way. I’d run both if rinex was nearing team level.

My Monostego is 2 level under team and less boost and it still holds its own.

Have to agree with Tuco on this one.
The spreadsheet suggests that Thor and the rat aren’t great against tyrants but we all know they are boosted to the hilt, and excel against the tyrants.

Like others here, I have both on my team and love them both so much. Mono has more utility and bulk, but Rinex can just devastate and run off to later return and repeat the cycle…

Any idea which one of the two would be better at a lower level? I’m trying to replace tuora with something that does more damage/has a better moveset.

My current team for reference:

The spreadsheet is from the Sim that Gamepress uses to determine 1v1 matchups. It’s actually from the same guy that developed the Field Guide App (@MattEllis) . It does not take boosts into consideration, and swap in moves are odd so the scores don’t really reflect the true potential of those dinos. It also doesn’t actually “swap out” a Dino with a swap out move. Instead, the Dino does the move but stays in to die instead of leaving.

That being said, Monostego really is a great 1v1 dino and can excel against many of the other dinos in the list. But just because it’s higher than Rinex means it’s better. They really do have different play styles and it depends on team composition on whether they are good for a team.

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For those who say to run both, this is my current team:

Its extremely difficult to give up Grypo, and idk if Quetzorion is good in the long term. I was debating Quetz or Rinex, but i dont know which would be better for my current team comp, hence why im asking for opinions

How quickly can you get your Tops to team level?

Mines level 19, and ill be content if i can at least get it up one or two more levels. I have plenty triceratops and stegosaurus dna, but the monolophosaurus is being a pain in the rear to get, that and im also working towards Pterovexus (im one of those people who wanna collect them all). Once i get that unlocked, any future dna is going to Monostego.

Hey @Tuco! You’re right that all dinos that you’ll come across now in the area are boosted. However, when you’re actually comparing them together, whether you compare dinos at L26 with no boosts or you compare endgame dinos at L30 with FULL boosts, the comparison results are identical. And with respect to @Schtemty’s points, Thor is definitely boosted on everyone’s team, however, so are all of its competitors. So, it’s not really that relevant to say boosted Thor is great because he beats non-boosted tyrants. The spreadsheet shows how the creatures perform on a 1v1 basis assuming equal levels and boosts tiers, otherwise there’s no way to really compare them at a global level. With respect to specialized creatures like Draco, the sim is not great at determining the actual swap-in usability since it’s simulating 1v1 battles so the tier list should definitely be checked for those situations.

I guess the point of all of this is that it’s trying to set a baseline so that you can better decide which creatures to spend your boosts on and which ones you should target for your team.

I’ve seen too many people show off their boosted T-rex (or similar low tier dino) and they are really happy to be winning some matches at their current trophy level. They don’t even realize the brick wall they’re heading straight for when they meet a similarly boosted Tyrant! The sim and these articles are to help them understand why perhaps their boosts should be used on some higher ranked dinos instead.

Anyways, if you have any thoughts on how to make the results more accurate or useful, I’d love to hear them!

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Thanks for the long reply. I was also wondering why people thought that boosts mattered. If the compared creatures are unboosted or boosted to the same levels it makes no difference.

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Matt - I don’t think Tuco was trying to put the spreadsheet down, and nor was I.
We are both pointing out the fact that with the boosts and of course the obvious facts that the way the dinos will be played by real players, the spreadsheet isn’t a true reflection of what to put in your team or not.
A perfect example is the rat, which according to the sheet no one would use, but of course everyone does because it’s an almost guaranteed kill with its swap in.
I play with Monostegotops in my team, I love it, but it certainly doesn’t win 83% of matches against Tyrants. More often than not it’s taken out by a faster Thor that stuns it then rampages it. If that doesn’t happen the rat follows a chomper and it’s dead. I guess it wins 50% though.
I don’t have Utarinex yet, but from my recollections of battling against it I would choose it over Mono as it has an instant charge plus a rampage and is more likely to get a win or survive.
I get your point about people boosting low level dinos and to a degree wasting their boosts, but if they don’t do that they won’t progress anyway! So they are stuck between a rock and a hard place really.
There are some great examples in the spreadsheet that highlight some genuine issues, like how rubbish Diloracheirus is. Both it and Tuoramoloch are hopeless in the current meta.
In answer to your question as to what I would suggest as being better than the way it’s being done, I would simply say that more emphasis needs to be put on the fact that a machine won’t behave as a person so some results are way off. The fact that the original poster is suggesting that as a result of the spreadsheet he may choose Mono over Uta is perhaps an example of this?

Why not both? :grin: