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Monostegotops’s critical chance 20%


Is it really 20%? I would love my dinos to land crits as efficently as this dino does. Honestly its crit ratio doesnt seem correct. It lands 3/2 in general, more than my other 4dinos (with same ratio: indo, indom, tryo, spinota) land in the entire battle altogether. It rather acts like 40%. Anyone else noticed this or am I that unlucky with this one?


Honestly, it’s more like 50% all the time and it’s annoying, that abomination is seriously OP


That’s something I’ve been wondering lately too. It is VERY RARE to see a Monostegotops NOT critting at least once in every fight… and not a single 20% crit chance Dino crits that much. Is it a bug?


Am I the only one whose Monostegotops barely crits like less than 5%?
Sometimes I battle like 10-15 times with her in a day and land only 1-2 crits.

Pretty frustrating if u ask me.


i dont know, i find my mono rarely crits. i am finding though recently the opponants 5% crit dinos are critting at least once in a battle. but thats just me

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Yeah, if only my Mono would crit like that

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No, you are not. It annoys me a lot too. My 20% dinos barely land one while 5% dinos land at least one. EVERY. TIME.


My mono crits waaay more in strike event battles than proper battles. Mind you, I battle the bare minimum so it’s hard to say.

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It’s 100% when I pray my opponent’s Monostego won’t critical and kill my dino.:thinking:

And become 0% while I just need that critical to defeat my opponent.:thinking:

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Also it seems I‘m the only one whose Spinotahsuchus never lands a frakking 60% crit, while opponent swaps it in three times and lands all three frakking crits. I tried two times and failed.
If I would‘ve critted, I would‘ve won. But noooo and another battle lost due to bad RNG.

I hate it so much losing a battle due to RNG. Where‘s the strategy? It‘s more like lottery right now…

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Edit: Six times Spinotahsuchus didn‘t crit now.
Yes I had my rage moments again. Cuz I‘m not losing because I‘m a bad player or have weaker teams or bad strategy. I‘d totally be fine if it‘d be one of these reasons.

But I‘m losing 99% of my battles due to crappy RNG. I fail in lottery, I fail in JWA. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


You are right I have noticed that some 20% critical dinos hit it all the time like Tyrannoloposaur and Suchotator my Brachio which have a 30% critical chance hits much less often.


Monosteg rarely crits for me as well… though inthe arena… if it is monosteg vs monosteg… mine hits normal… opponent crits vast majority of the time…

though I have also had cycles of mine hitting crits and not the opponent, but that is rare…


mine is also pretty bad when it comes to crits :smiley: I still love my monostego but wanted to use this crit machine (faced so many monostegos and they always crit against me like crazy)


I had to mention weaker team and now I lost against a player with lvl 26 Spinotahsuchus and lvl 25 Diloracheirus.

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Ok weird…reopened the app and battle was suddenly going on. Opponent swapped to 24 Utarinex and I used stun and killed it.
Then he/she brought out lvl 27 Stegodeus and would‘ve won but swapped to green chicken and got finished.

Very suspicious. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mine does it very rarely so please stop complaining about it. This dino doesn’t need ANY nerf.


But it crit against the OP once and he lost. Surely this is all we need to know to nerf this OP killer, right?

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Haha I was making an aside joke. Not directed at you but this board in general. Calm down Francis

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I see my mine hit critical more often when the opposing dino is equal or lower level but almost never if it’s a higher level. She’s stunned almost always tho, so I’m always hoping for a critical! Haha

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