Monostegotops Stunning impact stun enemy like greater stun skill


Monostegotops Stunning impact just got 33% chance to stun, but it almost stun enemy like the greater stun skill. Monostegotops always can stun the enemy with its stunning impact and the critical trigger also so high even is just got 20%( mostly can critical 1 time in 2 hit), is there got any bug from Monostegotops?


Mine never stun so i think is fine xd


Mine almost NEVER.

I always thought that it’s crazy that its stunning strike almost never works while Stegoceratops has 3 stunning moves and they usually work pretty well. I think it would be nice if Ludia changed its Stunning Strike to Greater Stunning Strike or Stunning Rampage with 75% chance of stunning. 33% is way too low.


Mine always almost never successfully stun the opponent and yet Stegoceratop stuns like no tomorrow. If checking needs to be done, shouldn’t it be the latter? :wink:


Exactly! I remember 2 or 3 times when it worked in more than 100 battles… That is not right and should be reviewed by Ludia. :confused:


that is last month and early of this month, now the mono is become normal ald, i don’t know is this a bug or not, last month and early of this month i meet mono, it sure stun and sure do 1 time cri in 2 turn almost in every match.