Monostegotops stunning impact


I believe the chance of stunning impact should be increased because is only 33%. It’s a hybrid of Stegoceratops that has a greater stunning strike after all. It should be better and stronger as a legendary dinosaur…


I feel like that would maybe make it too good.


Why? That dinosaur should have at least one good stunning attack. 33% is very low and from my experience it worked maybe 3 or 4 times out of 30. The only one thing that makes it better than Stego is the health.


I’m more than happy that it has nullifying instead. I’ve taken down many a I-rex with that beastie. I could see a better nod to heritage, though. Maybe a 50% chance.


I do understand the notion that he’s not in good keeping with his Heritage but as is he’s extremely powerful and it’s more than just Health he also has a much higher attack plus that nullify really does mess up irex


It almost never stunned for me, maybe 1 out of 10. I just used it as basic impact.


Yeah needs buff gets 0 stuns and look at the stegocero with its stunlocking(consecutive turns stuck in stun) anything not immune 50% of the time. This is the legendary super hybrid of stegoceratops should have a big dmg high stun chance hit! Stunning rampage or something