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Monostegotops, the New DC

So it seemed we didn’t have enough with only one DC that we have to introduce a new one. Bulkier, faster. Nice it doesn’t have X2… But it mixes both x1 + 66% stun.


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At least you usually don’t die instantly so you have the opportunity to swap out. It’s not that lethal, but nice to finish off an opponent.
I call it revenge, because I never used rat, and when I swap it in at the same time of a rat, it feels great!


The decrease in attack makes her a bit less rage inducing than Draco. And yes, it isn’t a rampaging move, which is always a plus. Sure it can go through armor, but it can’t go through shields.

So it’s a decent buff I suppose. I still liked Monosteg when a nullified things, but this new role is slowly getting to me.


Meh, it’s not a SI rampage so it’s fine. Stun isn’t guaranteed and unless you uber-speed your Mono, there’s usually a way to deal with it.

Low attack means you can kill without too much of a loss

That should have been Draco’s move since its ancestor has stunning upon entry.


It orginally did and was considered trash by most and dg2 was used instead. So they gave it dg2 swap in dsr instead.

Didn’t it only have swap in stun?

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Well yeah but considering swap in stunning strike was just introduced this patch and dracocera has been around since 1.5 it would have been a little hard to fit it with a move not yet created.

I know they didn’t have the idea for it, but if they had it, maybe it wouldn’t have been so OP during its time when it could shatter shields and armor.

Monostego its what a swap in dino should be . The RAT its just a ridiculous design made exclusively to get money wich worked very good cus he is nerf immun


Haha, they said she was nerfed?! That was a joke or a lie. I love ratting rats with my 27 Monostegotops… and bringing her back for OP Thora if necessary.


Pic of this op monostego please

In Lockdown, I had a player swapping in and out between Stegoceratops, Einiasuchas and Sinoceratops. It made the battle long and I still beat them.

I got the same in a friendly battle with myself trying this swaping in and out but wasn’t working as a good strategy.

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Rats are her specialty