Monostegotops thoughts

As this superhybrid is coming to our parks in jurassic world the game anyone who plays both games (like me) us probably going to say “well here’s another 6 months of my life I won’t get back” if you remember indoraptor. After monomimmus this guy became useless, what do you think though?

Is ok, but really isnt good compared to monomimus, i only keep him in my team cause i hace him overlevel at 26 before monomimus but mehh i think they will buff in future or nerf monominus

:thinking: It looks scary?

Monostegotops needs Greater Stunning Impact (again) to become a viable threat. It’s just alright. Decent health, pretty good damage with a nice crit, but outsped by most it’s contenders and easily manhandled

It’s just not in a very good spot. Sad, considering I like that dino a lot