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Monostegotops VS Testacornibus (JWA Battles #6)

Our first ever… real herbivore battle. Yeah, our first one was a one-sided battle royale… anyway, welcome back to JWA Battles, once again, calcs on the sizes and weapons of JWA’s hybrids and we see who would win in a fight.

Last time, Erlikospyx brutally took out Thylacotator in a rather annoying battle. Meanwhile, for Thyla it was a fight for his life. Ain’t that ironic?

This time, we have a Mesozoic VS Meso-Cenozoic battle between Monostegotops, the omnivorous tank and Testacornibus, the armored deer!

Height: 15 Ft
Length: 22 Ft
Weight: 6 Tons
Bite Force: 500 Pounds (If at all)
Weapons: Horns, spiked tail, and teeth
Advantages: Better weaponry and physical strength
Disadvantages: Worse armor and is slower

Height: 11 Ft
Length: 13 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Weapons: Antlers and feet (or hooves.)
Advantages: Faster and better armor
Disadvantages: Weaker in both weapons and physically

A Testacornibus separated from the herd is escaping a Smilonemys. Meanwhile, Monostegotops is eating from a bush. Nemys tries to pounce Testa, but misses and bumps into Mono. Not too amused, Mono looked down on Nemys, causing him to flee. Mono then noticed the Testa trying to steal his bush, and he runs over to ram him. Testa notices in time and both go into a headbutt battle. The two struggle, but Mono gains the upper head quickly and whips Testa away. Testa charges at Mono, landing a successful blow. Not too pleased, Mono rams Testa, who quickly recovers and kicks his foe in the face. Testa then, in devastation style, rams Mono, who is barely effected. Irritated, Mono decides to end it quickly, and bites his opponent’s antler off. Not amused, Testa uses his remaining one to break off one of Mono’s horns. This angered Mono, so he rams his opponent and quickly slashes the remaining antlers off. He then does an “Ora Ora Ora” slash motion on Testa, and finishes by knocking him over. Testa looks up, to see Mono’s foot squash his head, crushing the skull and killing him in the process. Mono huffs rhino style and goes back to eat his bush. Meanwhile, Nemys noms on the dead cornibus.

This was a tough one to figure. On one hand, Mono was way more powerful, but Testa was way more durable. But we had to figure Testa’s weak points, and if Mono could reach those weak points. As it turned out, yes and yes! Testa’s weak points would be similar to ankylosaurs’ because of the lack of shell, and we knew from the getgo the head was one, even to a turtle. So what we had to figure now, could Mono get to those weak points? Well, due to the carnivorous genes it possesses, this should naturally make it agressive, and realistically, it should be able to figure out the weak points of its foes. And there are many scenarios where Mono takes out Testa. You see, Testa couldn’t win often because of his low strength, physically and in weaponry, where Mono had those two strengths in the bag. Even if Mono couldn’t flip over Testa, one head-shot should do the job. Making the winner of this battle Monostegotops!


Do you agree with the results? Got ideas for future episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments, and the next fighters will be revealed.

Next Time: Gorgosuchus VS Postimetrodon

This was going to be a Quetzorion battle, but I couldn’t think of an opponent that made sense. Maybe when Dimodactylus gets a superhybrid, but until then, Quetzorion could be on hold. Maybe suggest opponents for Orion?


Love it! The ending was really funny too!

Loved the battle, didn’t think it was a very fair fight though

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Wait, Mono is an omnivore right?

Didn’t ceratopsids also have decently strong bite forces?

I think so…

You got me on the “Ora ora ora” :laughing:

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Maybe Dilorano?


can there be a Erlidom V.s. Spyx?

I’ve created a topic in the past it was called Clash of the chickens and it was where if all 3 chickens erlidom, dilorach, and Spyx fought to the death without their abilities, just claws, jaws, and teeth, and erlidom destroyed the other 2