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Monostegotops weak attack broken?

Just had an interesting battle where my opponent used a Monostegotops vs my tryk. His Mono was slightly faster. He spammed its weak attack the entire battle vs my tryk that also distracts 50% damage for ONE turn.

Turns out when he spammed that attack every one of my attacks did ZERO damage. My counters did zero and primary attacks did zero and that was every turn.

Since it’s supposed to distract 50% for 1 turn, the most he should’ve cut my attack is in half per turn since the 50% reduction should reset each turn… not stack on each turn!


thats b e a utiful lol

were you spamming your priority moves?

But you’re using a priority move, which means you act first but lose the next turn. Monostego is just spamming a normal move. So you’re basically enabling the stacking to zero damage.


Can confirm this is normal game design.

I counter any Trykos I come against like this if I draw my monosteg. It’s a beautiful thing when they keep using priority moves and let that 50% stack.

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If you use a priority move like II or ID on the turn the Monostego uses Distraction, the 50% attack cut transfers to the next turn because it went last. If you don’t use one of those moves on the following turn monostego can then use Distraction again for another 50% cut, which results in 100% damage reduction on that turn.