Is it just me, or is it a little underwhelming? Coming from a stunner like Stegoceratops and a distractor like Monolophosaurus, I feel like it’s move set is lacking. Mine never stuns, and why doesn’t it have a distraction move? I’m thinking about replacing mine, but I don’t know what to put in it’s place. Thoughts?

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100% put in Stegoceratops its awesome!

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if you want a chance to put an indoraptor into the ground, go with stegoceratops. if you want to put it into the ground, monostegotops bae :heart:


It’s definitely not the belle of the ball. I swap mine in and out of my lineup pretty regularly, always hoping for different results. It mostly gets slowed and thrashed by stegod and several others. Immunity would make it Amazing!! Even some kind of cleanse would be great. Maybe we can hope for that one day.

I just need to level mine up I guess because at my level it isn’t performing like I hope it would.

Monostego is useful against Indominus, Monomimus and Indoraptor. Have it on lvl 18 and will lvl it up.

Benched my Stegocera long ago as it rely too much on stuns.

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It will have its uses, with the indoraptor event this week and the gallimimus one prior. You will more than likely need a counter to these as they become more accessible to players.

Oh yeah there are going to be a TON of new Indominus rex’s and Indoraptors in the arena a week from now, GREAT lol :crazy_face:

He need a stun devastation, like x2 dmg and 75% to be the superhybrid he must be, or a distraction skill like he had in the past

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Definitely should inherit distracting rampage. Giving him a better stun would be nice too. Epic + epic super hybrid should be better then epic +’common


Raw damage output and like 30% crits monosteg is a beast! can reliably 2 shot almost anything and can hit dodgers shielded etc the trade off is less stun I prefer raw dps over stun any day!!! I run both monosteg and monomim so I can shutdown the regulars demon chicken, indom, Indo,alanqly etc with every team roll practically

I do love the nullify. I keep 3 on my team just for that. I just wish it had one distracting move.

Monostego is still a “chance” to beat Indo.

Well, Indom actually beats Monostego while it’s 50/50 against Indo

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While I do have Monosteg unlocked, I cant really afford to waste Mono DNA on it since ive found Invincibility emu to be better overall =/. I mean if Mono DNA wasn’t a problem id level both, but as things are I have to commit to one or the other.


monostego will beat irex way more.
you are never getting off a cloaked attack and monostego has three 1.5x attacks. and you only need to land 2.

If indominus doesn’t cloak it wins.

you don’t have to nullify cloak until the turn after.
monostego is faster. it gets 2 attacks to IREX 1. all IREX has is a 1.5x. that isn’t taking down monostego.
two 1.5x monostego attacks = dead IREX
at least my monostego will. any IREX lvl 21 and under. never fought one higher than that.

And a same level indoraptor can 2 shot a monostego without crits, monostego will only win if it gets a crit or stun.

And what if they don’t cloak and use indominus correctly against mosostego?
A dead monostego that’s what.