monostego vs indoraptor is all about hitting the slowing impact. if indoraptor doesn’t dodge that it is gone next turn with nullify impact.

Indoraptor can survive two impacts from monostego

monostego > nullify impact
IREX > armor piercing impact
monstego > stun/slowing impact
dead irex

my monostego is lvl 23. any irex lvl 21 and under is dead.

And if it’s the same level irex wins

i’ve never fought one over lvl 21. even at 5k trophies 99% are lvl 20. if you even see it, which i hardly ever do.

I don’t see it anymore, but I know the stats for all of its levels.

Nah, at even lvls Indom survives 2 impacts from Monostego.

indoraptor vs monstego is interesting. if i have monomimus, and can get indoraptor into one shot range i’m cool with it killing monstego. it did it’s job

I don’t have any Galli DNA and no way of getting it since I’m still stuck in Sorna. Working on monosteg for now since I do see Monolophasaurus about 2 times a week. I just need to level it higher. The crits are nice when they come, but I can’t take out an IRex in 2 turns unless I crit. Most Indoms are 19 and 20 at 3700+ trophies and my 17 monosteg can’t hold his own.

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Thanks man!

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I used to see that many Mono in the wild too, but it’s rare now. Not as rare as ouranosaurus once it disappeared. I used to see those all the time, but now that I’ve got Dilo ready to fuse with it they’ve all flown the coop. The struggle is real :pensive:

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I know the feeling. I live in 3 and work in 3 twice a week. I usually see a Mono at the most inconvenient time and can’t go get it. It’s had a bit of a dry spell lately, but a couple of weeks ago i got 5 in one week. That was a record for me.

Lol, same here about inconvenient times. I’ve basically stopped trying to out go get epics I can see from my office unless it’s one I’m needing badly or I already need to leave for something. The last two times I tried they disappeared while I was getting closer. Usually right when I get out of WiFi range and my phone jumps to cellular so the game reloads, lol.

ive only seen 3 wild Ourano’s in the wild since ive been playing the game…THREE!

I have tons of Dilo DNA but because I cant even get Ourano to level 15 let alone get the DNA for fuses, I don’t have the legendary spitter unlocked, or even a single fuse on it!
Don’t think im going to unlock it this year -_-!

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I saw an Ourono last week and thought I got the jackpot. I’m hoping they feature it in the near future. Holding in to my Dilo DNA for now.

Did they change the places Ouranos spawn around 2 months or so ago? There were a lot near my home and work during the day but just disappeared one day. Went from being the most common I’d see to not at all. I think a lot of it has to do with the strike events and park event spawns being spread out now that I think about it. Less “room” for epic encounters now?

Not sure exactly how it works or if its been changed, I don’t even remember where I did see them tbh =/

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