Monotonous Game


I’m getting bored of the game. Battle after battle it’s the same, monomimus, indoraptor, dodge dodge dodge whos faster? Whos spent more money etc

I consider myself to be slightly more than casual, but it seems the competition is just way too intense to even play casually and still enjoy it.

Whats the point in collecting more DNA just to fight in boring battles?

Really hungry for some new style events.


Past month, I’ve been spending way too much time on battles.
I would battle before I go to sleep.

I’ve decided that this time is better spent doing some offers for free cash. -.-

But I still battle too much. Bad habits die hard.


Don’t engage in the battles then. Find another goal and focus on that. I’m only interested in catching and leveling the real (not hybrid) dinosaurs. Battles are only there to net me some incubators for free DNA.


This. Since I love spino familiy I set the goal to lvl them all


i don’t even mind losing to people that spend more money. that’s how games like this should be. what’s annoying is when you have 2 nullify dinos on your team of 8 (monostegotops and monomimus) but you don’t get either in a game. get matched up with indoraptor/erlidominus and they dodge every hit and there’s nothing you can do about it. meanwhile your indoraptor doesn’t dodge anything.

we really supposed to have 5 nullify dinos on our team so we are guaranteed to get one of them?


I think there still spoofers in leaderboard, sudetly anonimus guys rank up and have teams whit 4+ uniques decent leveled, some of they is easy detectables because they have the whole t rex family high leveled at 25+ and the rest of their team at 20,22 even stegodeus at 26,27.
How you have ^low level ^ stegodeus and easy dinos at 20, 22 and tryko, elridominus, indoraptor etc at 26? The answer is easy spoofing t rex only. If you pay tons of money you have a tons of mix dna and the whole team well leveled, if you grind a lot you have a stegodeus at 30 before t rex family at 25.


Yes, that’s the principle of combination of 4 from 8 :joy:


Yes Sir. I do think so. Out of a sudden, there are many “non-recognized” names appear on the leaderboard. Hopefully, they will be removed before the tournament starts.


I just really wish there was an additional aspect to the game aside from battling. I mean the game kinda pushes the DPG thing, so why aren’t we “protecting dinos” in some sort of fashion? Lots of possibilities, I hope Ludia has plans for the future.


There should be more stuff to do for players in the higher-up. I’m bored too. Ranking up is not quite appealing to me, I would rather grind and rank up in real life. More social feature like local team/guild would be cool.


I’m only ranked at ~350 and only have two uniques. I only level up uniques past 20. I have no interest in moving up my rank quickly, and uniques are the safest long-term investment for a casual player like me.


I’m not bored yet. Although, I have realized the power of nullifying abilities and it has got to the point to where that is the only direction to head into making battles very stale. I like the fliers but I have noticed they are easy to gain DNA and expensive to level up… They need something better than swap abilities to be any thing more than a Ludia cash grab. COINS more coin events please and make sure they last at least 24 hours because once again. Players that work for a living who can afford to spend money on the game find out that they missed a chance at loot because they couldn’t play during the time given to participate. The new underdogs is obviously from the dynamic changes in how battles work so I understand that. What isn’t cool is that this pattern of switching things up has come to a point to where there is no understanding to what might be important to invest in because the game meta changes week by week. I understand the business strategy to get players interest in all kinds of different dinos but it swaps so often it is starting to feel aggressive and almost like a loss of precious time. Balance! I like the new features but new additions to a game shouldn’t make power players obsolete. I’ve played this game for a while now and I see a trend of not ever knowing what path to take to be competitive. It’s like weather in Ohio. Pack a sweater and umbrella just in case the whole thing changes with no warning.


considering every comment you’ve ever made here is either totally wrong or makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, it’s not surprising that you can’t grasp the simple concept of a rhetorical question. it’s not really asked to get an answer. even it is was, it certainly wasn’t directed at you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’ve been seeing myself get really irritated with the stuns and dodges lately too … I swear, I may just create a team that’s half immune and half nullifiers just so I don’t need anger management :rage:


You are bad at mathematics. It’s okay. But every comment you make is including them. Whine in your corner is fine but you keep saying false thing and non sense. It’s just boring…

But it’s not surprising you can’t grasp simple concept and yet you talk about it :joy::joy::joy: