Monstegotoos or Monomimus?


I was going to create monostegotoos but I just battled a monomimus and that beast was slick.

Who do you vote for you people at the top who have seen both of them for a while?


Monosteg is a beast against irex. Destroy the cloak and deliver a solid hit in one move


Monostegotops everytime


Mono any time of the day. The 3 main moves deal 1.5X damage and Nullify is great against opponents with special abilities. The only thing is that you need to level it up a bit before it becomes effective.


I have both :wink:, the distracting impact on monomimus is wicked and she’s also immune aswell as good damage and health and speed, personal preference though if mono doesn’t appear often in your area


Doesn’t I-rex beat Monosteg at equal levels?


Nay if someone pops indom I switch in with monosteg cause I know Indom will cloak monosteg is fast enough to intercept the cloak with nullify stealing half dmg on rampage while doing 1.3kish dmg (mine is only 17) it’s downhill for indo from there. Especially when monosteg crits!


Hmmm. But the thing is, at equal levels. Indom can kill Mono in 2 turns (API followed by APR) but mono cant kill indom in 2 turns.


You don’t start with mono out or indom don’t cloak you switch it in. So yeah he can but you can stop him getting 2 hits with timing


This. You bait the cloak and swap in mono. Remove the cloak with nullifying impact, then slowing impact or stunning impact. With crits or out-leveling the indom, you can net a kill before the indom’s second attack.

This all relies on the opponent cloaking during your swap turn, though. Some people have learned to anticipate the bait and don’t cloak (or they’re just bad, I’m not sure). This hurts them though if you aren’t actually baiting the cloak since it guarantees a hit with your current dino. Mind games man…mind games.


Ok but consider this scenario. T1 indom cloaks and u switch into mono. T2 mono uses null impact and indom uses APR. T3 mono uses stunning/slowing imp but doesnt kill indom. Indom uses API and mono dies.


Mono cant kill indo in 2 turns though. assuming equal lvl.


You are correct and I misspoke in my post. My apologies. I will edit accordingly. Killing the indom relies on crits/out-leveling. None-the-less, it does net you a good chunk of damage into the indom at equal level and gives a decent opportunity for the kill.


Haha it’s fine. Anyways if you start with a poor lead against indom, best strategy would probably be to T1 swap into trago or stegod if its higher lvl. Otherwise, opponent just gets a free kill. But back to OP’s question. I’m only in 3.5k trophy range so cant speak for top players but I feel Mono is inferior to Stegoceratops at this level. Dont have Monomimus so cant comment, but it seems pretty strong.


I love using her if I can get more dna but if you get it to level 18 it can give an indom Rex or indoraptor a hard time