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Is this girl still worth levelling?


It’s better than ever and arguably the best current tank for the top end of the meta.


Absolutely, even though she’s not team level I still use her and regularly counter indo raptors


yes! got her to 26, she does her job well and like said excellent indo counter

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Even if that means there’s no mono left for the mimus ?
This game is full of hard choices :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Why would you want to level monomimus rather than monostego?


Cause mimus has a hybrid and stegotops doesn’t ?


Stegoceratops is so good she dosen’t need a hybrid. Mine is 25 and I’m not stopping here.



so good but so little stegos out there…

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Monostego usually can kick these ass in 1on1:


@Jer, definitely worth leveling imo! I have mine on my team at level 24, and it’s a great counter to Indoraptor and other dinos as well.

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Ok ok ok, say no more. You all got me convinced :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks !


In that case why not level both? You need alot of Darwin before you can even start creating that hybrid

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As a f2p player I couldn’t possibly level both :man_shrugging:t4::see_no_evil:
That’s why I was asking before taking the decision :grimacing::slightly_smiling_face:


Go for Monostegotops. It’s one of the best speed control semi tank. (With stun)

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plenty of coin out there for “f2p” players.

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When I think that I levelled stegoceratops to 19, all that lost dna makes me a bit sick. :rofl:
But I guess back in the days it was a good one to have on your team.

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Not really once you get dinos past level 21

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yes really because my team level is 26 and i manage just fine. max out stops, chests if available, arena, stroke events, donations and you can keep your balance up. its an excuse.

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Mimus is pretty bad right now. Its hybrid, Pterovexus, also isn’t that great. Has a decent moveset but lacks the health and damage to really make an impact, even with 129 speed and immunity.

Monostego is the best use of Mono DNA at the moment. I’ve been leveling mine for quite a while now, and at level 27, it’s quite a freight train. Deals so so much damage, even with many surprise crits. One of the best counters to most meta dinos at the moment.