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Monster Postosuchus Ate My Team!

This madzer showed up in the mid-Library today - a Level 30 Postosuchus!

Unfortunately for me it was faster than my speedsters. I drew Erlidominus against it and, of course, it one-shotted right through my cloak.

Ended up losing quite badly.

Honestly though, how can this be a middle Library team?

When I went up against it, it had a level 30 Proceratomimus in there as well.

How can this kind of matchmaking be considered reasonable?

Today, I’ve fought nothing but teams loaded with hyper-boosted level 30s (lose 30+ trophies every time I lose, but the one match I managed to win gave me 26 trophies). Simply getting the incubators has grinded down to a chore now.
I think I’m close to packing in the game for good.


This is the problem with so many boosts being available.

Players have so many that they are chopping and changing the dinos they apply them to for the sheer fun of it.
In a tournament where boosts are allowed that player will have a massive advantage too.

This has definitely become a massive pay to win game with 31 days in a row of boosts in the store.


I put in a bug report about the trophies thing, but I don’t think any of the mods have even passed it on to Ludia.

Which means it’s probably supposed to be this bad, to force people into buying boosts.

Why is it a problem that people are throwing boosts on odd dinos? I thought we all wanted variety? This person should probably get at least a bit of respect for not just running with the same old dinos.

Edited- I also just realized hes in Library with a team of 29-30 dinos meaning hes not exactly crushing everyone


Hey look, a team with variety.


It’s not a problem at all for those who are happy to buy boosts.

A Postosuchus with those stats will have 11 speed boosts applied plus attack and health boosts a plenty. It’s that players money that bought them, so who am I to care?

But for those who haven’t the money to spare, they will get their team rolled over by massively boosted dinos. And for them it’s a problem.

It’s already blatantly obvious that the arena has become a pretty toxic place for those who aren’t buying the boosts every day. A quick read on discord or amongst alliance chat makes that very clear. And the general consensus on the forum suggests the same.

I have no issue whatsoever with anyone who wants to throw money at boosts, as I said earlier, it’s their choice. And I don’t care one iota about maintaining my position in the arena, I am way past that. I’ve played since launch and I’m still active for my alliance, and still have a few dinos to collect. Where I sit in the arena is inconsequential so I just do my dbi and that’s enough to keep me happy.

What I do take issue with is the fact that Ludia have gone against everything they said when they introduced 2.0, and thus, after 32 days of continuous sales, they have created a problem for the players that don’t buy them every day.


I dont disagree that boost (in particular the sale of boosts every day) has caused a lot of harm, sadly pandoras box is open and there is no closing it. Boosts had the “potential” to add diversity to the arena however it was the players responsibility to make that happen and this player decided to do just that. I would say this person, more than most, should be looked upon as an example of what could’ve been. Boosts have made the game something less than it was but that ship has sailed


Yeah the fact that you say procerat is on the team tells me that this is his friendly team. Probably.mixed with there real team some. Hiding the procerat it’s probably got a lot of boosts in it.

Also, mm doesn’t check for strength of your team in Library. So you will face whoever is there in trophy range. And why is it in Library? Well because gyro is far worse with maxxed boosted massive crutches.

I think the posto is cool though. They’re in Library because maybe there crutch isn’t ready to 3-0 it’s way to gyro yet lol.

On the plus side, with the programming genius of Ludia, I have little doubt there is an exploit allowing players to buy boosts without paying real money.


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Yep, an unlimited supply of free boosts to apply to their level 30 Maxima created yesterday!


Hey folks.

OP here. Thanks for the replies, and feedback.

I probably should have made my original post more clear (‘red mist’ and all that).

My bugbear isn’t that someone is using a Postosuchus at a competitive level (that’s fairly cool actually - the arena could use more variety after all), but more the fact that there are teams that highly boosted / leveled running around in the Library.
From what I can figure out from the Field Guide, to boost a Postosuchus to those stats you’d need to invest 6 health, 8 damage and 11 speed tiers.

Makes you wonder how many boosts some players have managed to put into their squads, and how matchmaking is interpreting such teams as being suitable for teh mid-Library.

From Library up only trophies counts for matchmaking. Theoretically you can battle with team all lvl 30 max boosted dinos if its near your trophy range. Keep in mind that over weekends many players participate in tournament, so there is even less players available in arena.

It really is interesting. I’ve got mostly dinos around level 24, and I’ve been fighting a lot of level 28-30 targets like this. I’ve also been beating them. I’ve never paid money for boosts, and I even think I’ve been slacking on getting them from daily battles. I’m in early Library, often dipping slightly back into Aviary.
Partly, though–and by partly I mean about half the problem, I think–is my level 22 G2 Indoraptor.

Hmm… that Posto could be fought if you draw not a speedster, but a slower. Maxima slow it down + whack it with rampage, and since it has 148 speed, it likely sacrificed a lot of HP, so Maxima with a 10/20/0 config (scale down for lvl 26 in boosts too) might be able to take it down. If the opponent instead chooses to heal and you predict this, you can try to slow it down again before hitting it with rampage.