Monsters lv 42?!?!

Boscovespro it s impossible to play…the Monster are immortals…Screenshot_20201231-170932

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Thanks for the screenshot, Davide_Agulini. I’ll share this with our team.

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Yeah, that room ends the event. Not even the boss room.

This is an obvious bug. Happens every time I go into the 4th part of the Discover the Swamp.

Same here except I’m only level 14-15 so line is level 29

I reckon it’s a feature, does he attempt to shake you down for 500 gems to allow you to pass?


Seeing similar issue, i was able to get through this stage with a miraculous Wizard Disintigrate, but similar issue occurs 2x other times in the next stage 4-2, so just note Dev guys bug occurs in multiple areas in Chapter 4

Segment 6 of the event opens up with a level 31 that i kill 1/20 times with one surviving hero…then next room is a level…44.? Really? Cannot even scratch it with my best attack. End of event for sure if this is not fixed. Very disappointing. Especially if this was intended…not going to spend a ridiculous amount of gems to discover a level 60 in the third room. Not happening.

Based on what ludia have thought was acceptable in the past I would say this is working as intended


Working as intended is their strapline isn’t it. :rofl:

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We’ll raise the cap to 30. We are doing so much for you. Oh… by the way… here are some level 40+ monsters. Enjoy your wonderful new experience. Have you seen our latest offers in the Store? :wink:

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405k hp anyone? Well we wanted a challenge, we got a massacre haha

At least you got another 13 days to fix it…

Its not as hard as it seems. To many people are looking at the fight as your typical tank/healer dps group. Look outside the box. If anyone ever played everquest or warcraft you know every fight is not a tank n spank fight. On these mobs you want to utilize as much crowd control and special moves as you can, as a hint quite a few characters have “kill” abilities and stuns and disarms and charm. The hardest part so far about these challenges is mostly just getting initiative at the start of fight.


Whether we can figure a way to bypass it or not is beside the issue. It’s an obvious bug.

i agree it is a bug, however i did complete the Chapter 3 and 4 quests using the Wizard Disintegrate move and i don’t think the Sorcerer’s Fortune didn’t hurt; so yeah, it is doable, but not a typical hack and slash

I personally don’t think its a bug. I think it was on purpose to make sure you cant do the mob in traditional means.


Naomlen’s kill worked wonders. Just defeated my first level 43 monster!


I will lay it out for everyone, control the mobs with stuns/disarms/dominate…then use “kill” abilities. They don’t always proc and are sometimes resisted, that is why you need the extra control of stun/charm/disarm to wait for the “kill” ability to refresh.


Kingoffarts is right! I don’t think it’s a bug. I killed that monster spider outright with Shevareth’s Kill spell. I had to retool my squad for this brutal swamp. Shev with stun and death ray, Coriolis with astound and her legendary hair, Caliope w dominate and Boris, and Saarvin w Rare bow and fury… this is crowd control: Dominate, Stun, Injure and KILL!!! Think outside the box! This is why it’s important to level up multiple items and characters.