Monsters lv 42?!?!

Yea I can see with the right gear and the right hero’s this is a doable run however those that are newer to the game do not have the heroes or the right gear leveled, so to try and finish these runs you need to have every roll work especially when the creatures one shot your team so if initiative is not perfect your sea d and have to try again. These events were scaled to level this is not the challenge as the next section of the story. Not to mention the rewards are not worth the time to try for the perfect set up for three rounds

As far as I’m aware, only 3 cards in the game give the kill ability, and theyre all legendary. Without this ability, and provided you can stun/disarm/push/dominate it every round it would take a good while to defeat.

Still not convinced this monster level is intentional. New players will be struggling with this one.

I think this is aimed at those that have played a while and have been waiting for content. I’ve done most without the kill legendaries but with Max or near max other gear.

I agree with the comments on Warcraft etc. I used cc all the time on tough calls, it’s great here too. Level gear that looks useful irrelevant of rarity.

It should say or hint that changing your gear makes all the difference in pve even at low level. Also racing up levels makes you weaker.

After initial shock, I find this refreshing. Someone just complained about the Hag that it doesn’t need any special tactics. Rogue, Monk and Wizard get kill powers. Bard if you can get it to 1/2hp. Tank, preferably with Revivify, helps. Disarm, push back, stun. Not sure if Attack/Damage boost/Ac drop can help enough.

As an event available to everyone this is bad, but normally you should be able to access this after clearing Lightfinger Estate, at which point you should have access to at least one Killer item, probably more.

How to beat lv42 monsters without Kill ability:

  • Halbenet with Silverhand weapon (Stun/2 turns)
  • Naomlen with Epic weapon (Disarm/1 turn), and Epic hood (Pull)
  • Calliope with Legendary item (Disarm/1 turn), Epic lute (Dominate/2 turns), and Rare hood (Push)
  • Coriolis with Legendary hair (Buffs), Rare belt (Fortune on all), and most importantly Rare wind fan (Push)

Coriolis gives Fortune to make sure Halbenet and Naomlen proc.
Calliope can disarm/dominate and Push from middle row to back row to keep the spider from attacking.
And the Wind Fan can shove from front row to back row to keep the spider from attacking.

All in all, it was like a classic D&D session, grinding against a tough monster and using group tactics to keep the spider disarmed or out of range to attack.
Loved every second of it.

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Whilst I applaud all the people who have found a novel workaround to defeat this monster, those claiming it is a standard feature that Ludia have created are actually creating a rod for their own back, rather than recognising it for the clear bug that it is.

You work out how to defeat the lvl 42 critter? Brilliant, Ludia will come back and put in one at lvl 50 and give it boss powers so it’s immune to stun, disarm, push and kill. They will then expect you to pay gems to repeatedly try and kill it to no avail.

Yes, I know you all want elite and challenging content that the top 50 players can get their teeth stuck into, but any new content also needs to be fully accessible and playable by the 99.9% of other users who wouldn’t have a bloody clue what to do about this and then give up and log out.

You want the game to survive, it needs to survive on the basis that those willing to pay to get through the game can actually get through the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love them to create an appropriately scaled for level “special moves dungeon” where you are constantly on the verge of being 1-hitted but in order to get through you need the right 4 team members with the right kit and right specials to complete or you die there and then as you go through each room.

However, as it stands we asked them for select your own characters PvP and we got that Warrior Draft, we asked for the ability to repeat Explore mode and that’s not what we’ve been given here, we’ve asked for Guild PvP - no delivery. So yes, I’ll back them to support some crazy off the wall new hard mode as they’ve stumbled upon here, but I’d be amazed if it ever came back like people wanted it.

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It’s a bug. Their support treated it that way. Told me to reload the game and then re download it. Like that will fix anything…

Sorry but this post made me chuckle. This “novel workaround” that you’re talking about simply includes putting Joppa in your party. You can literally solo the thing with Joppa alone with his stun hood.

Next you’re stating that it’s a clear bug, yet if folks find a workaround for that bug - then Ludia will intentionally design a Level 50 that’s immune to everything? They would only do that if the level 42 critter itself was intentional, so you kind of just invalidated your own argument.

After this Chapters event (which I agree is arbitrarily long because Ludia is trying to milk the “content”), Forestfall Fen will be added in Explore-mode right after Lightfinger, and there will be a new form of playthrough. But it is unfortunate that we have to wait a month or 2 for that apparently. They should just tell us that after a year of waiting - they still weren’t ready for this release.

They literally just created this with the lvl 42 spider you’re complaining about… You can’t blindly hack and slash your way through it, this one takes thought - intentional or not. And the thought actually turns out not to be that tough at all (Joppa), and there are other ways as well.

The Joppa hood is a great bit of gear, with the drawback of being Range 1. If Big Spider goes to the middle and range attacks Joppa, then you’re gonna have a bad time.
But, if you can get him to hit first, then that’s a pretty easy victory.

pretty much the majority of mobs in these new instances if they get to go first you will have a bad time. I have level 20s with gear at lvl 18-20 and they still get 1 shot by trash if i dont get a tank to go first to put up a defensive buff. So even if a super nasty mob gains the ground it really doesnt matter.

I’ve loved the challenge of the Fen. 100g to replay is little but considering the level of critter the rewards and xp are nothing.

Hey everyone, my apologies for the wait. I’ve just received news that the level of the creature is not a “bug”. However, your feedback has been forwarded to our team.

Thank you for your patience!


@Ned thanks. I do still feel the xp and, in particular, the rewards are too low. Comparing a run through Sharpstone and the Fen so far, the loot is similar but the ability and gear are poles apart.

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I agree but I do think some tool tips would help. eg some parts of the game are Ultra (insert word of choice) and that tactics/the right gear will help.

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I also think this was not intended. The named monster in the room before was 20 levels lower. Also they have said that they do not want force us to play a certain way. And there is the low reward for such a fight. No this was a bug that they tried to pass off as a feature.

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Hi Ned,

According to Keith’s “Update16.1 - Swamp & Scale” post 4 days ago:

“The monsters in an Exploration event have their levels raised or lowered to match the power level of the party.”

If the purpose of scaling monster levels is to provide a challenge to both old and new players, why would you intentionally add an encounter that requires legendary gear (the gear with the “kill” mechanic) to complete? Doesn’t seem very inclusive to new players.

And as an old player, it isn’t challenging to beat on a single mob and hope for gear with a 25-50% chance to proc. It’s luck.


@Keith @Ned could one of you please clarify the context of how this fits in as a game feature?

According to Keith’s “Update16.1 - Swamp & Scale” post 4 days ago:
“The monsters in an Exploration event have their levels raised or lowered to match the power level of the party.”

What decision for example (looking at the original screenshot in this thread) was made to decide that a level 17 should face off against a level 42 monster and how is the power level a match when the monster can hit one of those team members for 454141 hit points?

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You do not need legendary gear to beat it though. Theres tons of common, rare, epic gear that all have the ability to keep the mob under control and chip it down, having a “kill” ability just makes it faster.

Anyone who has been around for a while is well aware of ludias utter incompetence and lack of interest in fixing glaring issues with the game. THis was obviously a bug that they cant be bothered fixing and are just chucking out the tried and true “working as intended”

As it has been speculated that WoW will be terminated to accommodate for DWW (Ludia’s Disney app) when it deploys early in 2021, the decision to rapidly deploy much stronger foes in WoW should not be seen as a surprise. It was anticipated the developer would increase the challenge rating over the final few months in an effort to increase profits. Not doing so would be foolish. As such I would suggest it is wise to accept the increased difficulty as this trend is unlikely to change.