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Monsters lv 42?!?!

Anyone who has been around for a while is well aware of ludias utter incompetence and lack of interest in fixing glaring issues with the game. THis was obviously a bug that they cant be bothered fixing and are just chucking out the tried and true “working as intended”

As it has been speculated that WoW will be terminated to accommodate for DWW (Ludia’s Disney app) when it deploys early in 2021, the decision to rapidly deploy much stronger foes in WoW should not be seen as a surprise. It was anticipated the developer would increase the challenge rating over the final few months in an effort to increase profits. Not doing so would be foolish. As such I would suggest it is wise to accept the increased difficulty as this trend is unlikely to change.


One of my guildies has 4630 trophies. It took him over 20 minutes to down the spider without kill attacks.

How long would you imagine it would take for a party of level 12 adventurers, in similarly leveled commons and rares, to kill a level 37 mob?

This is obviously a bug, but you’re so proud that you’ve figured out how to see the emperor’s new clothes.

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So you are saying they won and beat the encounter. Looks like he gets to see “the emperors new clothes” as well. See just like I said its doable in different ways and if you took a “kill” item it makes it much faster. Dont have a kill item you say? then start farming and getting levels. This is not content designed for noob level 12 adventurers, its designed for after completion of lightfinger which average lvl 12s are not completing.

This is not the full dungeon, though. It’s the exploration event. The exploration events ARE designed for players of any levels. That’s why the levels scale based on the adventurers in your party.

Keith’s post specifically says exploration events are for “heroes at level 7, level 12, and level 20.”


What’s really nice is we cannot do the rest of the event until we get past the level 41 spider.

If it’s any consolation the 3rd stage IMO is easier than the ones prior. Spider is beatable a few different ways described in this thread.

Shev has a great Stun that can last up to 3 turns… You can solol and get 2 kill spells of (kill, move to reset, kill).