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Monthly creatures

Sonorasaurus is now the newest event exclusive creature to join the game. A new exclusive epic sauropod. It is now the 17th exclusive creature in the game. I’m sorry but 17 is way too much. It’s hard to keep up farming a few creatures in the sanctuaries. But 17? So here is an idea that goes off a mechanic you already use: Dailies. With monthly creatures, they spawn anywhere in the wild (and can be scentable), but only for that “month” (Your monthly cycle that mission rewards and seasons are based off of). You can do something like Haast gen 1 is available in July, while Woolly Rhino is out in January, Diplodocus comes out in May, Titanoboa in March, and Allo gen 2 gives everyone a scare in October. This still gives the sanctuary some purpose as if you want woolly rhino DNA in March, you can get it through the sanctuary. You also still have 5 totally exclusive creatures (Maybe blue, Brachi, arctops, dsung, and tenonto). While there are always going to be problems with any system, I feel that this would be much better than the ever-growing group of exclusives.


Completely agree, 17 is an absurd amount of exclusive dino’s. I just recently started playing again in June as I quit back in late 2018, all I gotta say is back then it wasn’t hard to obtain all those type of dino’s. It was really nice to be able to actually catch them all in the wild and I think they should reduce it to like 10 at most exclusives. I still don’t have Titanaboa unblocked and i’m a level 18 like seriously that’s just a joke.

At least it isn’t like pre-2.0 mammoth. That was awful

At this point anything that promotes hunting is a plus. The ar portion of this game has sadly taken a back seat.