Monthly prescription but no epic incubator


As stated above. What do i do? I emailed 3 emails but had no reaponce


Well, this epic incubator for VIP subscribe is a one time offer.
So you won’t receive anymore, if this isn’t your first month for VIP.
(Although I think VIP should give one special showcase per month)

Also, any report you submit to support team now might be answered for 2 weeks later.


You wont get another epic incubator once youre subscription ended and buy another one month, im sure they are working on something but first they must make it a decent incubator thats not to overpowerd, plus maybe they are working first on more events


So the only benefit im getting is longer range and battery? Not bad but to pay every month i would like the incubator aswell… dont have money for offers aswell… i think ill unsubscribe thanks


No monthly incubator (yet!) Everybody is complaining about not worth it ect but i dont understand why people even buy it then since it clearly says “One time offer!” And also only the real fans dont complain that much over something lile vip, yes im not happy with you only getting a vip incubator once but deal with it. Something will come