Monthly PVP tournament prizes are badly spread apart and unfair to the top players

Recently the PVP prizes were changed.

So how did that turn out?
One player got 7625 points 8500 DNA
The next highest player got 7455 points 8000 DNA
The third highest player got 7366
The fourth highest player got 7246
The fifth got 7238 Those three players got 7500 DNA
6 through 11 got between 7200 and 7000 points and got 7000 DNA
12 through 26 got between 7000 and 6800 and got 6500 DNA
27th through 123 got between 6800 and 6400 and got 6000 DNA
124 through 282 got between 6400 and 6200 and got 5500 DNA
283 on down to an unknown number past 501 got between 6200 and 6000 and got 5000 DNA

I believe the gap between 27th place and 123 is just too massive. Somebody who gets 6799 points should get a better prize than somebody who gets 6400 points.
There should have been a bracket reward for people who got between 6600 and 6800.
This would have split from 27th to 58th place.

So I propose some changes.

I believe from the top you should lower the top prize score from 8000 to 7500 points for 10K DNA
1 player would have got this.
The next prize range should be 7500 to 7000 points for 9K DNA 2nd through 11th players would have got this.
From 7000 to 6800 points should be 8.5K DNA 12th through 26th
From 6800 to 6600 points should be 8K DNA 27th through 58th
From 6600 to 6500 points should be 7.5K DNA 59th through 89th
From 6500 to 6400 points should be 7K DNA 90th through 123rd
From 6400 to 6300 points should be 6.5 K DNA 124th through 175th
From 6300 to 6200 points should be 6K DNA 176th through 282nd.
From 6200 to 6100 points should be 5.5 K DNA 283rd through 426th
From 6100 to 6000 points should be 5K DNA 426th on down to unknown but anybody who breaks 6000 points deserve a prize for suffering those 12 second wait times.

Please consider this.


I called this.
Once I hit 6400 I pretty much knew I had hit my cap and am usually 70ish seeded player. But optimistically watched to see if things would change with more players at home.
It didn’t.
Still the 2 min timer counting down to the last 30 seconds to hit a match.
There just isn’t enough players up there battling to support IDGT to hit 8K let alone most beating that 400 trophy hurdle between 6400-6800

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If aviary (and the stupid power based matchmaking) wasn’t formulated to keep you down, we may have more players up there to fight. it takes months to get out of Aviary. Then one bad loosing streak can send you right back. and still take forever to climb back up. too many people crammed into the lower arenas that should be able to climb but cant.

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I think the trophy based experiment for Library and up proved the team strength stuff was a total fail.
Most seem to love getting to Library just to escape the team strength stuff.

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