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Monthly Quest cancelled Alpha Purchase

When will the monthly quest resetting problem be resolved? Not only did I lose all progress on the season rewards when it reset after week one of completing them all, it also cancelled the alpha purchase, meaning that this purchase lasted only 4 days. Now it wants me to buy it again to get rewards I already collected last week. It gives zero opportunity to complete the season’s rewards because it’s cancelled all progress made so far on the daily, weekly and seasonal tasks. No one is responding to the ticket opened on the support desk. I’d like my purchase refunded.


Well if you only participate in the game all day long

I’m really sorry to hear that happened, Gnu_Gnu. If you have already contacted our support team, our team will be sure to try and get back to you as soon as they can.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your ticket/message until our team replies as that can reset your position in their queue.


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request a refund through the app store. i have yet to receive any response from a ticket i created nearly two months ago and was able to get a refund through the app store within 2 days after giving up on ever hearing from ludia.

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