Monthly Review

Alright. So imma begin something, I review every months Daily creature, Tournament And Season Reward. This is August. There’s 5 Ratings: Terrible, Bad, Ok, Good and Excellent

The creature of the month is sinoceratops, which I find slightly disappointing, it’s in raids and is pretty easy to get. It’s even worse that Thor is no longer as good, but I guess it’s good for utarinex, which got buffed! I give the creature of the month OK.

The tournament is quetzorion. Thank you ludia! Quetzorion is great right now, and even harder to get with an exclusive ingredient. I give the tournament an Excellent!

The season is Haast eagle. Another great choice, because it’s exclusive, and some people missed out on rewards. So this is a blessing. It hasn’t got a Hybrid right now, but will soon, overall the season reward is good.

Overall, August is Excellent!

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What are all of your opinions? Be sure to share!

Daily: I think Sino is a bit of a lame choice since we’ve had it before and there are other epics that have not been a daily reward yet. But I am also pleased as it will mean I can get my Utarinex to lvl 30.

Tournament: Awesome, as Quetzorion is on my team and I love the dude, but wish his rampage was 1 cooldown. But great choice for tourny.

Season: Pretty happy with it because it is likely to get a hybrid and probably in 2.1. It is also an exclusive so outside of sanctuary it won’t be easy to get. So added to the 500 we got the other week then it’s good to save up for a hybrid.


CoTM: While Sino isn’t the most exciting creature, it’s used for 2 legendary and 2 unique hybrids, so every needs a lot of DNA for it. I would’ve preferred something else, but newer players can definitely use all the Sino DNA they can get. I’ll give it a “Good” rating.

Championship: Quetzorion is very great right now. Glad it’s the reward for the Championship. Also going to rate “Excellent”.

PvP Season: Since Haast Eagle is new to this patch, and it’s exclusive, I’m glad we’ll all get a chance to stock up on it’s DNA before the next patch is announced. I’ll rate this “Good” as well.


CotM is less useful than February Baryonyx. Much worse than Deer

Championship reward is nice. Orion is pretty good even in resilient meta. Comparable to Dilorach championship, but easier to complete because it’s one week longer.

Season reward is the only truly amazing thing about August. Haast is useless right now, but he’s a new, exclusive creature. I’m pretty sure he’ll get a powerful hybrid soon. I bet Poukaidei will be made from him, not his rare brother. Much better than Wuerho

Overally, August is decent

September is here! And please don’t flag this for necroposting. I will post here every month to review it.

The creature of the month is Brachiosaurus. We’ve had it before, but now it is a welcome addition because it is now an exclusive. It also makes the strongest dinosaur in the game, being Ardentismaxima. But we’ve had it before, and a lot of us have lots of it. The creature of the month is good.

The tournament is Geminititan… if this was 1.14 Gemini I’d say “excellent” and not turn back. Geminititan has since been nerfed, but it is still a great dinosaur, especially in raids. Diplodocus is also exclusive, and not easy to get your hands on them, so Geminititan isn’t easy to make, but now we can get it easily. The tournament is also good.

Finally, the season. We have woolly rhino. Keratoporcus is a decent creature, but not the best. BUT now that monolorhino got a buff, and is good in PvP and raids, this is a really welcome addition! The seasonal reward is good.

Overall, the month is good. Everything got the same rating lmao.


Gemini was now buffed, so now the tournament is excellent. But the month is still just “good”

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October has arrived! And oooh boy. It’s a handful.

The creature of the month is scutosaurus. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it is locked behind aviary, so this will be a good opportunity for the new players, but on the other, it’s yet to get a hybrid. It could end up like eagle and get an awful hybrid, but it might also get a game breaking hybrid. We don’t know, but this is good preparation for the future. The creature of the month is good.

The championship reward is Spinoconstrictor! Spinoconstrictor is a pretty good snake right now. Not only is it one of the stars in my story as the tertiary antagonist overall, but it also is hard to get. Titanoboa is no easy find, and Spinoconstrictor is more then solid right now. It has good moves, it’s Counter is now better due to less immunities, and it is an overall good attacker to use, which also has defensive potential, spinoconstrictor definetly requires skill to use right, but it’s worth it. Overall, this is a good championship.

The season is nasutoceratops… yea this isn’t as good as it might be. Nasutoceratops is exclusive, which is a plus, but it’s hybrids aren’t the best. Their alright, but not the best. Sorry but if not for exclusivity, I’d say this is a bad choice, but it’s exclusive, so I’m just going to give the season an “ok”.

Overall, the spooky month is good. Could be better, but hey. We get hadros lux soon! So that’s something to look forward to!


spinocon is hot garbage

We know November’s creature of the month! But I’m not reviewing until we get the other info.

Alright we have full information!

So the creature of the month is stygimoloch. Just… ehh. Touramoloch is nice, but other then that, stygimoloch is in the wild now… so this isn’t anything special. Definetly one of the worse choices. The creature of the month is bad.

So the tournament is the new Skoonasaurus eh? Pretty good choice! It’s new so not many will have it, so this is a nice way to get dna, plus it’s exclusive ingredient is an epic… Also i heard it’s decent in battle. The tournament is excellent.

Season is arctops. Great! It’s an exclusive! Plus it has a nice hybrid with an epic. So this is a good chance to stock up. Even tho it’s a rare, it’s still not easy to get your hands on. Excellent choice.

Overall, November is good, it’s held back from excellent overall by stygimoloch.

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