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Monthly rewards

Hello guys.
Does anyone know if you have to be 2200+ in rankings to receive the monthly rewards?
And what kind of rewards are there (like gear?, gems?, coins?).

Monthly rewards?

PvP season rewards?

#4 reward is a chest (1500 gem)

Oh ok I got those once. I didn’t realize that was a regular thing. I thought it just happened because of the update they did at the same time

What is that?

Been 2200+ in arena for ages and never received anything

I’m 2700 ish now and was just thinking there really should be some reward given that it maxes out at arena 7

That update thing was a rip for me, I was about 2300, they scaled me to 2200 and I didn’t get a reward (which started at 2201)

I am unaware of the monthly rewards being discussed.
My trophy count has been over 2200 for months and I have never received a reward.

Not a bad idea though. Monthly rewards (from having high PvP trophies) would entice other players to increase their trophy count.

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I could be wrong but what it seemed like happened to me was that they adjusted the experience which caused some people to go up in levels which then caused rewards to trigger… I am not sure though

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They said that they we adjusting arena an that everyone on more that 2201 points after the adjustment would receive a reward

I was on 2300+ trophies and got adjusted to 2200 - felt like that was a rip-off. Should have just given everyone in arena 7 the reward

Ludia’s messages about updates are often poorly worded and easily misinterpreted.
Perhaps I misread a notification but I don’t recall Ludia ever identifying a plan to implement monthly PvP rewards. My score has been maintained well above 2200 and I have never received monthly rewards.

The only additional rewards I have received recently were the items provided by Ludia to offset the experience adjustments included with the recent update.

I’ve never seen talk of a monthly reward either. This was a one off thing before the new challenge started was definitely everyone over 2201 would get a reward