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Monthly spawn zone issue

Hi there!
I have a long time player in our alliance who has been stuck in local spawn zone 1 for at least 3 months now despite alleged zone rotations :pensive: Megalosaurus has been spawning in his zone for 3+ months. He’s e-mailed Ludia several times and only gotten a generic reply. He’s located in central Florida. Is there any way, we can have this looked into? I can have him reach out to someone on here since Ludia support has been well, less than supportive for him :confused:

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Bug Description: player stuck in Local zone 1 for 3 months+ in a row :triumph:

Area is was found in: Local 1 zone (Central Florida)

How often does it happen: despite alleged zone rotations, this player’s home zone has not changed for at least 3 months

What type of device are you using: Android (game is up to date, and phone has been restarted several times)

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Hello there Moeneek! If our team’s response was already replied to, they’ll try their very best to reply whenever possible. Please note sending another email before our team replies can reset the order in their queue.