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Months with almost no dinos or towers

Been playing since the start. Lvl 20 for a very long time. Living in the middle of a small city of 20.000 citizens.

Map has changed many times, but last time was a disaster for me. Only two towers left and never a green one. Vip gives two more orange towers, that is all. 5-10 dinos in the wild per week. Most days none.

So no darting, and no events. No green towers to spin. All that is left in this game for me is sanctuaries and I cant reach a single one from home. I have been too sick for weeks to venture out into the winter weather and that has really shown me how starved my area is now.

Areas out of reach from home is a bit better, but still devastated by that “update”.

I thought this was a huge bug and it would be dealt with soon, but apparently not. When my vip runs out in a few days, I have decided not to renew, unless something happens. Game has nothing to offer me as it is now.



Not sure if it will help but the mods have asked people to send screenshots to support if their area is badly affected. Its definitely worse here but not to the degree you are affected. Fingers crossed the new update gives you a better map :crossed_fingers:

Man, that must suck. Paying for VIP and nothing to dart or restock. However it has gotten better last week. I do see more green drops now. 3 instead of 1, in my home, 1-2 instead of none at my work place.

Hope it does improve for you as well

Thanks. To where should the screenshots be send? And will I have to wait/hope for a supporter to contact me first? i believe, response usually takes a day or two.

Thx. Yeah. Looks like this second meteor hit just as hard as the one way back.

Thx. Hope they will do something

Sending them screenshots does nothing to resolve the issue. You just get pacified that they’re working on it and will look into it. I’ve sent at least 30 on 5 different occasions, since update 1.10 and still nothing!! The map was good before 1.10, now it’s crappy. I also can’t play from home

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MIne had improved significantly this week - much more balanced