Montreal Exclusive Event

Attention all DPG of Montreal . Grab this while you can. You have until September to get these freebies. Also an opportunity to meet other players in our beautiful city. The old metro system is transformed into a a beer garden and there are games you can play in the yard as well.

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@Pateradactyl (cough dracorex cough)
@Bart_Le do you know of any other special event dinos there?

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Here’s what’s funny, I don’t see a single thing there except for the normal dinos and drops…

You heads out down at Peel street corner Ottawa. You will get two epic towers with one special event supply drops and two treasure chest where you can get 25k coins per day until September:-). Aren’t we just so lucky.

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@Bart_Le Hopefully we can see players in flesh when we come back there. Hahaha!!! I hope we are not the only DPG players in Montreal… :joy::joy::joy:. Through this thread is a way as well to meet them personally not just pvp set up… like we use to do while playing…

@anon67926299 Are you from Montreal? It’s seems twice you went there and you cannot find where the MR-63 was…

went to the mr-63
btw nope I’m not from Montreal

That explains it. You’re not a Montrealers, remember the event is for Montreal residents only :joy:

What did you get in your epic incubator? Hopefully it was nice. :grinning: I wish Montreal was closer. The city looks beautiful. I never been to Canada (maybe someday). As a child I always dreamed of going there because I wanted to dig for dinosaurs. :blush::t_rex::sauropod::bone:

Wow, really well-balanced event by Ludia. Isn’t it?

Just one Tenon’s hybrid event was cancelled by Ludia for game balance.

But, Ludia your company is really great to tell something and ignore players as usual.

Well done and bye forever!!!

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Im kinda intrested in knowing what measures they have put into this event… ie it seems beyond them to geo lock a location… how could they tell the difference between someone who is spending a week or two and someone who may have recently moved.

Seems more likely their are anti spoofing protections in place for this event.