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Moratorium on new content

I believe Ludia should hold off on introducing new content until they can fix the longstanding bugs in the game. Each update brings more bugs and issues on top of what we already have to deal with.
Bigs/glitches that should be fixed prior to new content imo:
Ability to invite names with numbers to clans
Alphas stealing turns
Bombs not exploding when switched to top row

Those 3 issues greatly impact gameplay and have been issues since March.

Lidia has proven that it can’t roll out new content w/o error, so slow down on new content, fix what is broken and spend more time testing


Hear hear! For me the biggest bug is freezing after ‘start battle’ throwing me out and therefore losing energy. Already glitches just on new dragon introduced today.

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@Talisax Hey Vikings, our team is aware and they’re looking into it. :face_with_monocle: