More “agile”, how?


I was reviewing the description and stats for Tryko when I noticed something strange. Tryko’s description says it is more agile than TRex and Ankyntrosaurus. However, Tryko’s speed is 102, same as Trex’s and slower than Ankyntrosaurus, who has a speed of 115.

Is this a typo?:thinking:


I agree man. I feel like allosino is better option given it’s updated 1.4 moveset and relatively easier attainablility.

Tryko is a bada$$ dino no doubt, but is the hard work/cost required to get it worthwhile? Im having my doubts too


Now I feel like I should have used my Ankylosaurus dna for Rajakylosaurus :rofl:


Same boat brother …anky is really hard to come by for me. I’m nowhere near tryko, only have a level 18 ankyntro but even so, should’ve saved the anky dna


I need another Anky event, I’ve got enough Raja dna to make Diorajasaur


Lol,I’m the opposite, I’ve got kentro by the thousands that’s why I leaned towards tryko over dioraja in the first place.
Lol, o well, :man_facepalming:t4::man_shrugging:t4:


My 8 hour incubator just gave me a whopping 18 Alankylosaurus dna :joy: I think Ludia is trying to tempt me into joining the tournament


Agility and speed are two different components of fitness


able to move quickly and easily.


Speed - linear velocity
Agility - multiple directions


all attacks are directed in a single vector in the game: forward


Still doesn’t mean speed and agility are the same


velocity is just speed with direction. given theres only one option for direction, in this scenario… same.
but anyway… tyrko is slow


Still not the same.


Hersh, give it up man…they are different things, regardless of how things move on screen. We don’t see something literally jump to the side when they dodge their opponent, or an opponent move in a different direction when missing a cloaked dino. Sorry bro lol.

Plus, there’s one thing literally everyone has been overlooking so far this thread. That what OP is originally referring to is flavor text. Some extra info about the observed nature of the dino in the wild after it was originally created. Great example would be for Tragodist…how every infant has a unique call that distinguishes it from all others of its species. And how large its nests naturally are.


Exactly, thats what I’m saying!


but for the record, speed is a component of agility. so one cannot be agile, without being speedy first


Not really…speed is more moving in a given direction as fast as possible. Agility refers to the ability to start or start moving, or change direction and stabilize such movements. One can be extremely agile and slow (in terms of speed)…or one can be extremely fast (in terms of speed) and very unagile. They have some similar components and can potentially be in use at the same time, but they are different facets of movement altogether. Despite what’s seen on screen.


But their is still a big difference between pure speed and agility… take say a running back in the nfl… there typically not the fastest guys on the field but they tend to be some of the most agile


Ever read the description for megalosuchis? It says it is “lightning fast”, when it is in fact slow as hell and hardly ever gets to go first…