More AI battles in arena

I feel that with more AI there is much needed variety and it becomes unpredictable as opposed to battling an actual person where it is always predictable. Battling actual people is a total rinse and repeat scenario.

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I would have killed for the option to face AI at will, even if it meant I got no trophies for it. Used to dread hitting the AI button knowing how much I wanted to avoid all the max boosted rats, only to have an actually boosted player get selected with 1 second remaining…even 0 in some cases -_-.

You still can get incubators from a AI match though.

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Yeah thats one of the reasons I used to like AI battles when they did work, coz it wasn’t the same boosted monsters and stressful fight, but also got the cans. Didnt really care about trophies towards the end because their were so many things in matches like RNG, bugs, crazy boosted things, rats and so forth that made them meaningless anyway lol.

Was pretty stressful when I just wanted a nice relaxing AI battle and when I finally get the select AI option, the 30 second timer would reach 1 second left and them pit me against super Thors or rats or something that someone boosted to the moon, which naturally resulted in a loss as my grinding couldn’t compete with their spending.

I believe when I last played in 1.8 there was a bug where AI battles were totally broken, like even if you did get the timer to reach zero it would just time out and put you back into the queue, so I dunno if thats fixed yet or not.

Id be all for having the option to fight AI each and every time if we wanted, because while some say it would just make getting a match take longer as players choose to fight only AI (well those who don’t mind not getting trophies) it wouldnt really in practice, since the ones choosing AI would be the ones who avoid the arena normally anyway, so its not taking anything away from the actual PVP matches pool of players.

For instance if their was a seperate (or AI option) for a boost free arena, id probably consider playing again, since its only the unfair matches and boosts that keep me away, and I can only imagine im not the only person who feels this way!

Yes please more AI or the option to always do AI.


maybe people will stop dropping if there is always an option to fight AI. Hey, AI may provide those easy wins/ shorter timer that people want so they can farm boosts.
I don’t want to bother with the arena much, because it becomes a chore to get any incubators.

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Especially players like me who have to grind just to get 1 incubator :rofl:
I only have 14 total boosts applied to my whole team. I always get beat by something overboosted. Especially at 5600 + trophies. Always some 149+ speed thor or 150+ speed other dino with a lot of damage sweeping my team…

i thought pvp was the core of this game.

or why everybody level, boost or manage teams?

i like play against bots, but doesn’t seem to have the same feeling as battling another humanoid hehe.

Possibly. I just want to fill my incubators and get out. I don’t care to win except to get an incubator. All the try hards can stay at the top.

AI is better than humans because its faster, easier and often less frustrating.

Why Ludia decided to make AI something to be waited for to annoy its playerbase is beyond me.

Make Nublar Shores be have a 30s timer and boost drop limit and arena would be 100 times more fun for all.

Yes I hate the 15 battles in a row and the feeling of half a day wasted just to get one incubator because of the incorrect match ups, yes please more AI. Don’t care for trophies

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And then after those 700 matches when you finally DO manage a win, you get a 15minute incubator xD adds salt to the wounds!