More AI Battles than Usual 🤖

I’m noticing as time goes here, I am getting more and more time out AI battles.

I’m in the 4300-4400 range where I would think should be a larger portion of players.

It would be interesting to see a graph of the amount of active players battling based on trophy level even if it only shows percentage and not actual numbers.

The arena isn’t as bad as during the DC days so I don’t see any particular creature really killing the arena experience at the moment.

If all I battle are the AI’s … two time-out AI’s and then a pity AI, I’m going to end up with artificially high trophy’s as the pity AI gains 40 trophy’s each win. The pity AI is easier to beat than the time-out ones. I don’t have to beat the time-out ones as I don’t gain or lose on those but I try anyway and do beat them. All that matters is I get my DBI and an incubator or two.

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Yeah I am about that range as well, and have battle very few real people.