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More Alpha bugs - tiles can’t be matched

Before the last update there were bugs fighting Alpha that I think I might have mistaken, but these keep on appearing after the update as well.
At first I thought there might be ghost roots or something similar as this issue first occurred with Foreverwing
Special tile can’t be activated (Video)
(you can see that I try to activate the red special tile while AI recommends the blue one)
but now that I encountered almost the same issue on today’s Screaming Death, I’m pretty sure that this is a general bug
Tiles can’t be matched (Video)

Please look into this!
I’m losing a lot of damage due to this bug, with Screaming bombs it’s annoying and blocking good moves for a better board but on Foreverwing it’s so much worse. I am not able to clear the board although I managed to get not-blocked special tiles? This Forever-beast is already taking every special tile it could ever take with its special ability, roots growing everywhere, even diagonal ways if they spot a special tile, and then I get even more handicapped by such a massive coding mistake? Not fun.


Hey Bee, thanks for providing those videos!