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More and more and more hybrids!

How’s this hybrid?

The speed is a bit fast, maybe 110? Also, the vulnerable resistance can be 100%. It looks pretty good though.

Another one

wayyy too strong, the speed should be around 115, and get rid of the counter attack.

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Swap Mutual fury with group takedown, and give it cloak or revenge cloak. Also why is there a counter? Maybe buff the resistances as well, like give it 50% distraction back. Also the speed. Keep in mind that the base max speed is 132, so try to keep things either at or below it, and try to put speed in-between the parents, or closer to one parent or the other.

Ok thx for suggesting

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How’s this one?

Make the health and damage down a bit, and keep crit at 30%. It’s pretty decent though.
For health maybe 4000-4200, and damage 1500-1750? I’m off for the night.