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More Apex creatures?

In the future, do you believe we will get more Apex beasts via Raid shake-ups, or through new evolutions like Super-Super-Hybrids? Which sounds more plausible?

4 a day is enough. 5 a day would be overkill

4 days a week is enough I agree.

But there’s nothing wrong with rotating in and out, of have some special events to bring one back for limited time. It works for PoGo.

I can think of some interesting apex types, a flyer, snake, or raptor…


I feel like there are a few other ways to collect new apex’s and their dna.
There could be new campaign levels that award you new and old apex dna, but you need an apex
During tournaments like rn, you have the opportunity to get a small amount of apex dna. Once you reach a certain reward tier, you start getting either new or old apex dna.
You can maybe get slivers of new or old apex dna in the seasonal rewards and of course the higher the score the more dna and like the tourney, you have to reach a certain cup amount to start collecting it

These are just a few of my ideas on how you can get more dna from new or old apexs. And so, I’m just gonna go with the idea that there is a new apex added but u can’t get its dna through fighting it as a raid since there’s prob no more room for more. So, I think the apex dna reward may depend on what the method of collecting is (tourney, campaign or PvP), how available it will be(will it be in all 3 methods or just one), and wether its just one new apex or several.

Idk if these are practical or not and wether I explained it well but I tried and hope to hear your thoughts on this


Even more ways to obtain Apex DNA and with even more potential to keep the game fresh. I like these ideas!


He suggested Raid shake-ups, as in alternating raids each week.

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Oh I see

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But what about those that are currently working towards the ones that are already present? Would cause chaos