More apex dna per raid

Dear ludia,
When apex raids first came out we could get anywhere between 10-259 dna which was extremely unfair. Then you fixed this and made it more balanced which was (and still is) great. However, I feel there is now an issue of there not being enough dna allotted every time 4 people take down an apex.

While I understand they are supposed to be the best kind of creatures in the game they still lose a fair amount of battles which is why i suggest making it so we get between 25 and 50 dna per apex raid. Now obviously they can be even better if boosted, that goes for any creature, but thats ONLY if they are boosted. There are already many other highly biosted creatures on people’s teams, not to mention people have to focus on more than just 1 dino for their team to be good and balanced

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There is a reason for this. This way Apex is relevant without uniques being obselete

Totally agree since its all ready hard for some ppl to get them plus you some times berlly even get any dna so i agree to increse amount at least from like 25-50. Its not tooo much but if youre lucky enought that will surelly spare you some weeks.